Big Brother 10: Putting the April Issue to Rest
Big Brother 10: Putting the April Issue to Rest
You know what sticks in my craw?  People who have absolutely zero self-awareness and have the gall to talk smack about others in a manner they should reserve only for themselves.  When people like this show their mean-spirited selves and inexplicably say horrible things about largely innocent people, they are actually usually talking about themselves.  When April, on last night's Big Brother, laid the verbal beat down on Keesha, joined by inept partner in crime Michelle, my jaw dropped.  You'd think that whatever issue she has with Keesha (I still don't know why the hatred exists), would have dissipated after a couple weeks.  But, then came the real bombshell – April went on a diatribe on how ashamed some houseguests (read: Keesha) will be once they exit the Big Brother house, and how she's proud of herself because of how wonderfully she must have been portrayed on Big Brother.  April, meet narcissism. 

I've had an abject dislike of April since episode one, and have occasionally been accused of hating for the sake of hating.  While I had my occasional doubts if I was being too harsh, I held on to my belief that I was simply calling it as it was.  Over the course of the season, my early opinions were vindicated time and time again.  April proved herself to be not that great of a person, culminating in that ugly episode last night, where she made an ass of herself.  I found it nice that Big Brother juxtaposed April's  comments with clips showcasing Renny and Keesha's relationship. 

Still, I wanted to make sure I wasn't alone in my April dislike.  Wanted to make sure that I wasn't wrong about Keesha, who has struck me time and time again as a very decent and likable person.  So, I created a poll.  As it stands right now, here is a screenshot of said poll.

Fairly, definitive, is it not?  I am not alone.  In a way, I feel bad for April.  The second she leaves the Big Brother house, reality is going to hit her like an elbow to the neck – she wasn't America's darling.  She wasn't the good guy.  She was the cliché reality bitch, the one who says awful things and gains the ire of millions.  Or, perhaps she won't believe it, block it all out, and keep on believing whatever she wants to believe.  She'll have Ollie, at least.  Maybe that's some sort of consolation.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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