'Big Brother 10' Podcast with Oscar and Grant #1
Big Brother 10 debuts tomorrow evening, and then the speculation can end.  We'll finally be able to match the personalities to the faces.  We can speculate all we want prior to the beginning of the season, but the truth is that the houseguests will either exceed expectations or greatly disappoint us.  It's one of the best thing about Big Brother: seeing which houseguests surprise us and which ones fail to meet our personal expectations.  But, until the season begins, we can delve deep into fantasy, and concoct elaborate stories based merely on pictures and short, and often misleading, biographical information.  Earlier today, we recorded our first ever Big Brother podcast here at BuddyTV, and it was full of rampant, and surely incorrect, speculation on the thirteen houseguests currently wreaking havoc inside the Big Brother house.  The full audio (about a half hour long) can be heard below.

I recorded this podcast with my good friend Grant (better known as “Tire”), who is a huge Big Brother fan, and will be joining me throughout the season for Big Brother podcasts.  Grant, just for your frame of reference, is a big-time Dr. Will Kirby fan, and he loves David Archuleta while despising David Cook.  I'm not sure how we're friends. 

Since we've yet to see any action within the Big Brother house, Grant and I went through our speculative pre-season predictions from thirteenth place all the way down to the eventual winner.  Our lists are surprisingly similar, as are our initial impressions of the houseguests.  I guess this says something about how CBS is portraying these people during the lead-up to the season, and how they may want us to think of them before the season starts.  You can be assured that this podcast will be the least contentious one of the season – when the season actually gets underway, you can expect some vehement differences of opinion between the two of us. 

There may be some slight technical difficulties with the audio – they'll be cleaned up next time.  Enjoy, and feel free to give some of your predictions in the comment section below. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)