Big Brother 10: Odds of Winning, Top 4 Males
Big Brother 10: Odds of Winning, Top 4 Males
Big Brother 10 has been graced with a cast of unusually likable guys.  Historically, I've found a majority of all Big Brother houseguests to be attention-whores and malcontents.  There are always a few beacons of light among the cast.  This year has been atypical in terms of cast make-up.  While there haven't been many all-stars who the public has rallied behind, the house has been full of kind of likable, not totally redeemable people.  The only people in the house who I have out and out disliked this season are Jerry, Ollie, April and Jessie.  Everyone else has had at least some redeeming values.  Today we're going to take a gander at the remaining guys' odds of winning it all. 

We began yesterday with a look at the Female Odds of Winning, which you can read here.  Once again, my math isn't exemplary, but I believe my reasoning is (feel free to vehemently disagree with that last statement). 

Jerry: 80/1

There's just no way Jerry wins Big Brother.  He has alienated and pissed off almost everyone in the house.  No one likes him.  If he miraculously makes it into the final vote, he might lose in an embarrassingly unanimous fashion.  But, it won't get that far.  He might be voted off on Thursday (though I doubt it), but even if he isn't, he should be a nomination staple here on out.  Sorry, old man, your time is almost through. 

Ollie: 20/1

For Ollie to have any chance at winning Big Brother, he will have to distance himself from April in the very near future.  He might have an in with Renny, and if he can leverage that to get on good terms with others in the house.  Unfortunately, I don't think Ollie will be able to get over April's departure (t-minus two days from today), and he doesn't seem to have the drive to fully compete in the game.  At this point, Ollie's a long shot.  I wonder what would have happened if he never got involved with April. 

Memphis: 5/1

Memphis is in good position.  The target isn't as visible on Memphis as it once was.  However, within his alliance, it's going to be somewhat difficult to make it to that final two.  Everyone close to him knows how big of a threat he is, how well-liked he is by the majority of the houseguests.  If he makes it to the final three and then wins Head of Household, you might as well give Memphis the five hundred thousand.  I have a sneaking suspicion, however, that the house will eventually realize the danger Memphis poses and evict him before he makes the final two.

Dan: 4/1

It doesn't particularly make sense.  Dan was supposed to be evicted in the first couple of weeks when his alliance crumbled.  Now, he's actually in a really good spot.  He has held back over the last few weeks, stayed in the background, and now doesn't have as many enemies as he probably should.  His one major enemy, Jerry, has actually helped his standing in the house, at it has garnered him a ton of sympathy.  The final jury vote could be tricky if he ends up making it, but you have to believe that Dan has a great chance to win this thing. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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