Big Brother 10: Odds of Winning, Top 4 Females
Big Brother 10: Odds of Winning, Top 4 Females
Big Brother is down to eight players, four men and four women.  They are a diverse group, in age and in demeanor.  By this point, Big Brother fans have formed opinions on each houseguest, and likewise have a general feel for how each plays the game.  Big Brother is an inherently dynamic game, each new week containing the potential for a massive power shift.  Any predictions are, therefore, an inexact science.  So, in lieu of actual predictions, which will inevitably be false, we're going to give odds of winning for each of the remaining eight houseguests, starting today with the remaining female houseguests.  Think of these as Vegas odds, or horse track odds, whatever works for you.

Because I'm no mathematician, the odds might not make complete technical sense as a whole, so let's not nitpick the numbers.  However, feel free to nitpick the hell out of my reasoning.  I would expect no less.

April: 38/1

April's not in good shape.  She has to be the favorite to be evicted come Thursday.  Even if she isn't sent home this week, April is going to have a hell of a time navigating the remainder of the season.  Best case scenario: Jerry is evicted on Thursday, followed by either April and Ollie winning the Head of Household.  April (and, to a lesser extent, Ollie) will forever be enemies of the rest of the house.  April will either have to swap HoH victories with Ollie for the rest of the season, or pull off a string of Veto competition wins to survive.  Neither of these scenarios is likely, seeing as April isn't the greatest of challenge players.  Even if she makes the final two, who in the house could she beat in a jury vote?  Maybe Ollie, and that's it. 

Michelle: 15/1

Michelle has been in limbo ever since her crush Jessie left the house.  Her one true hope was to ride the unlikable body builder to the final two and steal the jury vote.  Now, she's on the fringes of the Dan, Memphis, Keesha, Renny alliance.  She will soon be considered dead weight, a floater.  I see Michelle being dispatched unceremoniously sometime in the next couple weeks. 

Renny: 6/1

Renny might very well win the whole thing.  She's still on relatively good terms with everyone in the house.  As Dan suggested last episode, if Jerry escapes eviction this week and then wins HoH, he probably won't nominate Renny.  She has solid alliance members, but I think they're smart enough to realize that Renny would be difficult to beat in the jury vote.  The Memphis, Dan, Keesha triumvirate won't hesitate to evict Renny when the opportunity presents itself.  Still, Renny has a fighting chance. 

Keesha: 4/1

Don't scoff.  Think about it.  Keesha is in good position if the house can evict April and Ollie in the the next couple weeks.  As I see it, the most likely final three right now is Keesha-Dan-Memphis.  They have the smarts and the relationships to make it happen.  If that final three comes to fruition, both Dan and Keesha would be foolish to take Memphis to the final vote.  He's well-liked and has played an excellent game thus far.  Mark my words – Keesha is in an excellent position right now. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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