Big Brother 10: Meet Your Houseguests!
Big Brother 10: Meet Your Houseguests!
They're here!  The pictures are here!  It's like Christmas, Thanksgiving and the first day of the football season all rolled into one.  CBS has finally, mercifully, released the info on the new houseguests for Big Brother 10.  There are thirteen of them in all, seven men and six women, and they range in age from 22 to 75.  However, for all the talk that this season's Big Brother crop was going to be very diverse, it doesn't really appear to be the case.  Age-wise, 10 of the 13 houseguests are 31 years-old or younger.  We have two houseguests over 50-years-old, which is fun, and the cast is as racially diverse as you can reasonably hope for (four non-white people).  Below, you will find all the pictures of the new Big Brother houseguests, plus some biographical info. 

27 Years Old
San Francisco, CA
Telecommunications Account Manager
First Impressions:  Former Air Force guy, seems remarkably normal.  Maybe he's funny.

29 Years Old
Orlando, FL
Pharmaceutical Sales Rep
First Impressions: Angie is newly divorced, so she could be looking for action.  Seems likable – she's a sports fan.

25 Years Old
Los Angeles, CA
First Impressions: Not a fan.  Typical LA bartender.  That name annoys me.  The faux-hawk annoys me. 

30 Years Old
Higley, AZ
Financial Manager
First Impressions: Has OCD, and two of her favorite activities are “bowling and having sex.”  As far as I know, there are no bowling alleys inside the BB house.

27 Years Old
Minneapolis, MN
Marketing Sales Representative
First Impressions: Our requisite Bible-thumper this season is the son of a preacher.  He doesn't drink, smoke or curse.  Lame.

28 Years Old
Cumberland, RI
First Impressions: The bio makes her out to be a sassy lady, which probably means she'll be kind of a bitch. 

75 Years Old
Magnolia, TX
First Impressions: Jerry!  Jerry!  How can you not root for the old man?

31 Years Old
Spring, TX
Human Resources Representative
First Impressions: Libra seems like a winner.

35 Years Old
Dallas, TX
Rodeo Competitor
First Impressions: Here is your gay rodeo contestant.  Kind of anti-climactic. 

53 Years Old
New Orleans, LA
Beauty Salon Owner
First Impressions: This saucy old lass should be a lot of fun.  I'm always pro-silly accents, and I suspect her Cajun will be awesome. 

24 Years Old
Dearborn, MI
Catholic School Teacher
First Impressions: Boo.  He's an ultra-conservative dude who's “not a fan of liberals” and would have left the country had Hillary won the election. 

29 Years Old
Burbank, CA
Hooters Waitress
First Impressions: Well, she's hot.  Hopefully, she's not mind-numbingly dumb. 

22 Years Old
Huntington Beach, CA
Pro Bodybuilder
First Impressions: Not sure.  I'm generally not a fan of body-builders, but Jessie seems harmless.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Images Courtesy of CBS)

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