Big Brother 10: Meet the Cast and House Tour Videos
CBS is in full Big Brother mode right now.  With the cast announced and in a secure location with no contact to the outside world, CBS has released all sorts of media involving the 13 newest Big Brother houseguests.  Earlier this morning, we showed you pictures of the cast, their ages and their occupations.  Thanks to a video below, you can see some of those houseguests actually speak, and move around in a decidedly person-like manner.  However, the video that you'll probably be most interested in is the House Tour from Julie Chen. I say this as a person that has been mostly indifferent towards the Big Brother House re-models over the years.  But, after watching the below video of the new house, I was quite impressed.  Cool stuff.

Here are the videos:

Meet the Cast

I've got an OK feeling about the cast.  You always want a nice mix of people to root for and against.  I think we may have that this year.  Jerry is an obvious person to get behind, simply because he's old.  Brian seems like way too normal of a person to be on Big Brother and, therefore, I'll be rooting for him.  Keesha seems like a swell person (or, maybe I just like her because she's a hot Hooters girl).  Michelle's little snippet inexplicably rubbed me the wrong way.  I want to like Libra, but I fear she might end up pissing me off.  However, there is no contest for my most hated cast member.  That honor goes to Dan, who seems like a major league ass clown. 

House Tour

The house looks really cool, right?  I like the hippie room and the kitchen.  The waterbed is clearly a solid addition. 

Tomorrow, we'll publish the first of our two part “Arbitrary Pre-Season Predictions” article, where we go through and make our predictions based on nothing more than appearance, age and occupation. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source and Image Courtesy of CBS