Big Brother 10: Is Ollie Destined to Win Head of Household?
Big Brother 10: Is Ollie Destined to Win Head of Household?
Jumping into the time machine.  Steven is unceremoniously evicted from the Big Brother house.  His BFF, the loverly Hooters girl Keesha, promptly comes out and wins the Head of Household.  Michelle, having watched her muscle-saturated crush Jessie saunter out of the Big Brother house, goes out and wins the Head of Household.  Tomorrow, April will almost certainly be evicted in a near-unanimous fashion.  She is inextricably linked to her partner in hanky-panky crime, Ollie.  If the pattern continues, Ollie will come out and triumphantly win a very important Head of Household competition.  This begs two questions:  1) Does the revenge factor give players extra motivation and a better chance to win the Head of Household?  2) If Ollie does indeed win HoH, who will he target and nominate? 

Live eviction episodes are an especially hectic time on Big Brother.  The players wait and wait and are bored throughout the season, and then all of a sudden are thrown into a storm of action, with the live vote followed immediately by an HoH competition.  It would make sense that those with emotional ties to the departed would be more focused going into the Head of Household challenge.  Coupled with the extra motivation to stick it to those who were responsible for their friend's/showmance's eviction, then I would argue that a man like Ollie has a better chance than anyone at winning the HoH come Thursday. 

Or, it's a crapshoot. 

Those with something to prove, those with their Big Brother lives on the line, will be as focused as they possibly can.  And, the players who spent the week out of danger, apathetically watching the proceedings pass them by, are bound to be less focused on winning a challenge.  Who really knows?  Just don't be surprised if Ollie comes out on top in the waning moments of tomorrow's Big Brother eviction episode.

OK.  Let's say Ollie does win.  Who does he target?  Not Renny, who has been kind to him all week.  Not Jerry, who he can count on as his last true ally remaining in the house.  That leaves four options: Keesha, Michelle, Dan and Memphis.  He probably won't target Michelle, who he could bring in as an easy alliance member, seeing as she's something of a floater these days. 

If Ollie wins the HoH, I bet he nominates Keesha and Memphis.  April has spewed venom towards Keesha for the last couple weeks as often as she could.  Ollie, in April's honor, would almost certainly nominate Ms. Hooters.  Memphis would likely be the other nomination, probably at the behest of Renny, who is fully aware of the threat the mixologist poses. 

What do you think?  Will Ollie win the Head of Household?  If so, who will he nominate?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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