Big Brother 10: How the Renegades Did It
Big Brother 10: How the Renegades Did It
Taking the time to reminisce, looking back on the season that's almost fully passed us by, one begins to ponder why exactly in played out as it did.  Big Brother 10, its legacy will not be formed in the near future, but only after the fans have had time digest the season as a whole.  For now, it's easy to presuppose that Big Brother 10 will be remembered as the season of The Renegades.  Dan and Memphis have absolutely without question dominated the field in the latter half of the Big Brother season.  Dan has been the puppet master, purveyor of shenanigans.  Memphis has been the steady, below-the-radar foil, perfectly matching Dan's overt game playing with a more subtle, yet equally effective game.  Most importantly, the two have worked together impeccably, conspired, executed and have never wavered in their two-pronged alliance.  But, and this is a big but, none of this great gameplay would have mattered if it weren't for the lengthy string of challenge victories by The Renegades. 

It just goes to show you that on Big Brother, all the gameplay in the world can't alone net you $500,000 – you have to, at some point, win some challenges.  As much as I'd love to chalk up The Renegade dominance to pure smarts, the simple truth is their competition performance as of late has almost certainly been more important.  Dan and Memphis combined to win the last five Power of Veto competitions.  Neither Dan or Memphis has been on the block, post-PoV ceremony, since week 4. When you win Power of Vetos at will, it makes your life in the Big Brother house that much easier.

Of course, Dan was adamant early on in the season that he was throwing all challenges.  After the tear he's been on lately, you have to believe that he was telling the truth.  It was smart, too – had he won a bunch of competition early in the season, the target on his back would have been far greater.  Instead, he faded into the pack after narrowly avoiding eviction by association with Angie and Steven

Dan and Memphis, in terms of game play, played it perfectly.  This can't be understated. They had their own tight bond, an unmoving two person alliance, but they played it down for a long time, and gathered other alliance members around them.  The numbers Renny and Keesha brought were incredibly important, but the Renegades knew all along that the two women were expendable.  When the house finally realized that Dan and Memphis were in it for the long haul, it was just too late. 

Big Brother 10
: Season of The Renegades.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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