Big Brother 10: How Dan's Trip Can Backfire
Big Brother 10: How Dan's Trip Can Backfire
Dan, while it can be argued whether or not he's played the best game on Big Brother 10, has undoubtedly played the most active game.  He's looked for every tiny advantage available, shrewdly doing his very best to manipulate the action in his favor.  He's taken some risks and, in a testament to his intelligence, they've all worked out thus far.  However, his latest bit of gameplay – deciding to take Michelle with him to a private beach without telling his current housemates – has high backfire potential.  When it comes to an action that might easily offend your Big Brother houseguests, honestly is generally the best policy.  While Dan hasn't out and out lied to Memphis, Keesha and Jerry, him taking Michelle to the beach is a sin of omission, and one that might very well cost him $500,000. 

In theory, Dan using his luxury competition victory to try and secure Michelle's vote is a good move.  He has nothing to lose, really.  If he is of the opinion that Michelle hates him and won't vote for him in the final jury vote, then trying to win Michelle's vote via beach bribery is a smart play.  Unfortunately, the fact that he decided to deceive the three remaining Big Brother houseguests might lose him a vote or two.  Dan is smart enough to know that him taking Michelle to the beach will not remain a secret.  How could it?  Either Jerry, Memphis or Keesha will be in the jury house soon enough, where they'll learn about Michelle and Dan's jaunt.  From there, the trip will certainly come up in the final jury interrogations (assuming, of course, that Dan makes it to the final two). 

Let's say that the renegades do indeed make the final two.  Jerry and Keesha, as it stands right now, are probably on the fence in regards to Dan vs. Memphis.  They could go either way.  But, when Dan and Michelle's trip come to light, it could very easily be enough to sway both Jerry and Keesha's vote to Memphis.  In fact, I'd bet on this happening.  Even if Dan does acquire Michelle's vote, he'd risk losing two very important votes in the process. 

Of course, the Michelle trip could also have far-reaching, possibly unintended consequences.  If he's able to get Michelle on his side, Ollie and April could soon follow, especially if they see that Keesha is leaning towards voting for Memphis.  Because, as we know, April is so anti-Keesha that she might vote differently from Keesha simply on principle. 

There are infinite ways how this could all play out.  Maybe it'll all work out for Dan (every other move has, after all), but I still think it's an unnecessary risk, especially when the truth wouldn't have caused an undue amount of inner-house turmoil.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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