Big Brother 10: Final Jury Vote Predictions
Big Brother 10: Final Jury Vote Predictions
Jury votes tend to surprise.  Not always, but certain people can be loose cannons.  The Survivor juries are the ones that always baffle me.  When I think it'll be a landslide, it's close, when I think it'll be close, it's a landslide.  For Big Brother 10, I”m holding out hope that it will be a close vote.  For one, a lot of the jury members hate each other, and if they're open about who they might vote for, then the vote could be split fairly evenly.  I thought Jerry was full of crap when he said that he'd be the deciding vote, but after crunching the numbers, the old coot might be right.  Below you will find my Big Brother 10 jury vote predictions.  This is an inexact science, of course, but I wouldn't be surprised to get the votes 100% correct. 

In the final vote, the jury members vote for someone to win, rather then for someone to evict.  Keep that in mind. 

Libra votes for Dan

I'm basing this solely off the fact that Libra isn't a big fan of April.  If April and Ollie go completely against Dan, which I assume they will, Libra should side with Keesha and Renny and ultimately vote for Dan.

April votes for Memphis

April hates Keesha.  Keesha will probably vote for Dan.  By the transitive property of Big Brother voting, this means April will vote for Memphis.

Michelle votes for Memphis

Michelle might have been charmed by Dan on their friend date on the beach, but I think she's had enough time in the Big Brother jury house to be poisoned by April and Ollie.  She still has to harbor a grudge towards Dan. 

Ollie votes for Memphis

You've been huffing paint if you think Ollie will vote different from April. 

Renny votes for Dan

Renny and Keesha will definitely vote together, and Keesha has to be leaning towards Dan after Memphis single-handedly evicted her.  Renny thinks for herself, and can be a wild card, but she's always been wary of Memphis anyway, and she had a good relationship with Dan.

Keesha votes for Dan

Even aside from Memphis voting Keesha out of the game, I think Keesha would have voted for Dan.  They were good friends, and Keesha respects Dan's game play. 

Jerry votes for Dan

Jerry will be the swing vote, and he could go either way.  I'm going to predict he votes for Dan, mostly because he and Dan have been in the trenches together, and I think Dan gained Jerry's trust over the long weeks inside the Big Brother house.  Also, you got the sense that Jerry always had some misgivings about Memphis as a person. 

Prediction: Dan wins by a vote of 4-3

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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