Big Brother 10: Can Jerry Make the Final Two?
Big Brother 10: Can Jerry Make the Final Two?
Jerry, my man.  I loved Jerry before the season started, and at the beginning of Big Brother 10.  Then came the whole Judas debacle, and I soured on the old guy.  But, recently, I've hopped back on the bandwagon, most likely because of his slow descent into madness that the Big Brother house has flung him down.  He's really just a harmless old codger who tells horrible stories and is generally unaware of his surroundings.   But, does he have any chance at winning Big Brother?  Can he make it to the final jury vote?

The below story contains spoilers for those who haven't watched tonight's Power of Veto episode.  GO NO FURTHER IF YOU DON'T WANT VETO RUINED!!!!

So, it looks like Renny will be going home on Thursday.  That leaves Jerry against the Dan, Memphis and Keesha, all of whom will be targeting Jerry.  And, of course, Jerry isn't going to win Head of Household because he's Head of Household this week.  He will be nominated, and he will be the target for eviction.

The easiest way for Jerry to avoid eviction, obviously, would be to win the Power of Veto competition next week.  But, you know what, I planned on finding scenarios in which Jerry could survive another week not involving winning the Power of Veto, but I can't find one that I can full buy into.  I suppose that whoever wins HoH can make a deal in which Jerry, if he wins the HoH with only three people left, will evict the other houseguest.  But, that's a flimsy deal for a flimsy reason and, anyway, aren't these houseguests past the point where deals are made? 

The plain fact is that Dan, Keesha and Memphis are too close and I don't see any of them turning on each other until it gets down to the last three.  And why would they?  A vote would be lost, and it would spit in the face of everything the trio accomplished throughout the season.  Jerry will be evicted a week from Thursday unless he wins the Power of Veto. 

If he does win next week's Power of Veto, and does make it to the final three, things will look much rosier for Jerry.  At that point, whoever has made it to the final three with Jerry will have some serious thinking to do.  In all likelihood, if one of either Dan, Memphis and Keesha opted to keep Jerry around for the final two, they would win $500,000.  Most everyone in the jury agrees that Jerry isn't much of a player, and that his tactical acumen is low.  Also, if, say, Keesha turned on Dan and voted him out instead of Jerry, I guarantee you that Dan would still vote for Keesha over Jerry in the final vote. 

And, of course, Jerry could also win the Head of Household.  That would help. 

There you have it: Jerry can only make the final two if he wins at least one specific challenge, probably two.  Other than that, Jerry's chances of Big Brother survival look incredibly slim.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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