Big Brother 10: Best of the Live Feeds, Week 4
Big Brother 10: Best of the Live Feeds, Week 4
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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This week is all about drama.  Just when I thought Big Brother 10 couldn't get any more ridiculous, another few days went by and the houseguests topped themselves again.  But before we get into the drama, here's a quick review of the week.  April won Head of Household by cutting a deal with Michelle that she and Jessie would be safe this week.  April nominated Memphis and Jessie but promised Jessie he was safe since he was being put up as a pawn.  The entire house got into an argument about who could be more annoying and Jerry won Power of Veto but kept the nominations the same.  Ultimately, Jessie was sent home and Michelle won PoV.

Dan's new assignment

As America's Player, Dan got another assignment and this week, he had to hug Jessie for 10 seconds.  He pulled Jessie aside to talk to him about some personal stuff and then squeezed and pressed his eyes to make them red while whimpering about how he isn't sure his girlfriend will still be waiting for him when he leaves the Big Brother house.  Of course, Jessie fell for it like a teenage girl trying to comfort her BFF.  Jessie gave some words of encouragement before giving a 17-second hug to Dan, who grins over his shoulder and winks at the camera.

Libra versus April versus Keesha

Catfights have always been deemed ordinary in Big Brother and this week was no exception.  Libra and Keesha both complained about how April doesn't take them seriously and their discussion got loud enough for Jessie to hear from the next room.  Jessie immediately ran upstairs to tell April and Ollie what he heard, which prompted April to confront Keesha and Libra.  After declaring their feelings got hurt, April cracked and revealed that Jessie was the one who told her about their trash talk.  Apparently, that's all Libra needed to start swinging her arms around while screaming at Jessie.

April and Ollie's make-up Sex

The girls started to wonder about Ollie's apparent closeness with Jessie so April decided to confront Ollie about it.  Ollie reasoned that he is just a “non-confrontational dude” and has nothing going on with Jessie, but April kept digging up the issue.  They eventually get into some minor lover's spat but the two patched things up with some “make-up sex.”  And although Ollie pulled some cover over them, you'll still get an idea of what these two are doing since the blankets fell off as April declared Ollie the best sex she's ever had.

Favorite quotes of the week:

"Look me in the eyes.  You have to stay strong in here." – Jessie as he gets on his knees in front of Dan in an effort to comfort him.

"I'm rubber, you're glue…You can't hurt me" – Libra telling Jessie as she confronts him regarding the drama he started.

“Yes, I also cook and clean but I love sex and sport.” – April answering Ollie when he asked her if she can cook and clean.

"I want to make a dump in my hand...spread it on her cake [like] hot fudge.” - Michelle telling Jessie what she wants to do to Libra's cake.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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