Big Brother 10: Anything Would Have Been Better Than a Clip Show
Big Brother 10: Anything Would Have Been Better Than a Clip Show
If you have a forum to bitch and moan, you might as well use it, right?  Yesterday's episode of Big Brother 10 was a monumental waste of airspace, a glove-slap to the face of true Big Brother fans, and as pointless a late season episode of television as one could possibly imagine.  I thought we were past this, television.  The clip show revolution has come and gone, with the understanding that we, as viewers, have become too smart to go along with a “new” episode containing nearly zero original footage.  It's not just the content, either, it's the timing.  Are you telling me, CBS, that you couldn't have figured out a better way to fill the penultimate episode of your biggest summer series?  Why not forget the Sunday episode and go straight to the finale on Tuesday?  Why not time the season better so the finale occurs in the episode following the final eviction?  Would that be so hard?

Just to prove a point, I have concocted a list of things that I would have preferred watching over last night's Big Brother crapfest.  Please, feel free to add our own entries to the list in the comments section below.

Things That Would Have Been More Interesting Than Last Night's Episode:

An hour of Jerry talking to himself about his time in the military

Jesse posing in front of the mirror while shirtless

Michelle and Jase speaking in tongues to each other

Renny impersonating random people on the street

Dan and Memphis sleeping

April and Ollie cuddling and talking smack about people who are better than them

A static one-hour shot of Keesha's cleavage

A security feed of CBS powering up the ChenBot prior to any Big Brother episode

The two worst Two and a Half Men episodes ever

CSI: Miami's Horatio Crane taking his sunglasses on and off for an hour 

Natalie from Big Brother 9 waxing poetic about quantum physics 

Libra ruining random people's birthday parties 

A Dutch Oven marathon 

Any John McCain speech


-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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