Big Brother 10: America's Player is Back!
Big Brother 10: America's Player is Back!
And here we go.  Big Brother 10, not content without a big honkin' twist, has finally caved.  America's Player is returning.  America's Player, as anyone who watched Big Brother 8 knows, is someone who does the bidding of Big Brother fans.  They try to accomplish various silly tasks for money, and have to vote to evict whoever America wants them to.  Eric Stein proved to be an excellent America's Player on Big Brother 8, and it'd be nice if we got that lucky with the latest season of Big Brother.  The problem is, however, that no one in the Big Brother house is currently working for America.  How, then will we find America's Player?  Read below to find out.


On tonight's Power of Veto Big Brother episode, Julie Chen will announce the return of America's Player.  Fans will actually get the opportunity to vote for which remaining houseguest they want to become America's Player.

I like America's Player.  It brings randomness and chaos into the house that makes for good TV.  Eric was excellent in the role, and we probably took for granted how well he dealt with the sometimes arduous tasks he was given.  Depending on who fans vote in as this season's America's Player, it could end up a disaster.

It's also not very fair to tell someone they've become America's Player this late in the game.  Eric came into the game knowing that he'd be at the beck and call of the fans.  The houseguests, at this point, have laid the groundwork for their game, made alliances, and becoming the AP could throw everything they've accomplished out the window. 

If i had my choice, I'd go with Memphis as America's Player.  He's got ins with everyone in the house, and could suavely pull off the tasks he'd be given.  Other than that, I'm not sure who I'd trust with the role.

What do you think about the return of America's Player?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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