Are You Addicted to 'Big Brother 13'? Take This Quiz and Find Out
Are You Addicted to 'Big Brother 13'? Take This Quiz and Find Out
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Hello, my name is John and I'm a BBaholic.

Yes, I'm addicted to Big Brother 13, and on Thursday night I hit rock bottom. I've become so invested in the show that when Brendon returned to the game, I became seriously depressed. As I left the BuddyTV office after the episode, I joked to my co-worker that I was going to go lie down on some train tracks. But I didn't, and now I'm taking the first step on the road to recovery: Admit you have a problem.

My obsession runs deep. Sure, I watch three episodes every week on CBS, but I also watch every single episode of Big Brother: After Dark on Showtime 2 (three hours every night). That makes 24 hours of Big Brother 13 every week, and it doesn't include all the time I spend following the live feeds and obsessing over every conversation inside the house.

So to help others, I've developed a simple, 10-question quiz to figure out if you're addicted to Big Brother 13. If you are, don't worry, we can get through it together.

Question #1: Do you imagine who you would nominate for eviction if you were HoH, plan the order of the keys, and practice your nomination speech out loud?

Question #2: If your local grocery store sold Big Brother-brand Slop, would you buy it?

Question #3: When you sing out loud, do you sometimes stop yourself because you're afraid a voice in the sky is going to tell you to "Stop that"?

Question #4: Have you adopted any of Daniele's popular sayings into everyday conversation, like "Shocker!" or "Why so serious?"

Question #5: Do you have a recurring dream about playing in an endurance competition?

Question #6: When you open a door and enter a room, do you ever have the urge to shout "Who wants to see my HoH room!?"

Question #7: When you're home alone, have you ever done Adam's elfin dance?

Question #8:  Do you ever come up with zingers for the HGs and then say them aloud in the voice of Zingbot?

Question #9
: Do you know who PT is?

Question #10: Have you ever fantasized about what would be in your HoH basket and who your letter would be from?

If you answered "Yes" to most or all of these questions, then I'm sorry to say that you too are a BBaholic. But don't fear. I'll be your sponsor for the rest of the season, and together, we will get through this.

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