5 Keys to Winning 'Big Brother'
5 Keys to Winning 'Big Brother'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The premiere of Big Brother 16 is two weeks away, and before a new crop of houseguests do battle, it's important to look back and figure out what someone has to do in order to win.

I consider myself a student of the game, keeping track of every conceivable stat. I know that season 12 was the most harmonious in terms of evictions, with only two non-unanimous votes. I know that only seven HGs have won three consecutive competitions that they played in, and season 5's Adria is the only female to do it. I know that season 9's Sheila is the only third-place finalist who never won the PoV. And I know that season 6 was the most diverse season of winning, with 12 out of 14 HGs winning at least one HoH or PoV competition.

But for now, let's look at what it takes to win. What stats and what strategies are required for victory.

Be Young and White

The average age of winners across 15 seasons is 27.5, but the truth is, even that's too old. The past six winners were all under 27 and the only winners over 30 are Mike "Boogie" Malin from All-Stars and Evel Dick Donato from season 8.

Race plays an even bigger factor in winning, as season 4's Jun Song is the only non-white winner in 15 seasons. Season 3's Danielle Reyes, season 6's Ivette Corredero and season 12's Natalie Martinez are the only other racial minorities to even reach the final 2. It's an unfortunate reality, but based on history, being young and white is required to win.

Win 3 HoHs, Including the Last One

It's important to be the Head of Household and get blood on your hands. Eight past winners have won the HoH title at least three times, and three of the last four champions won it four times. Even more important is that final HoH. Ten out of 14 winners were the last HoH, including the last six in a row.

Don't Win 3 PoVs

Though you might think winning the Power of Veto is a good thing, it's not. In the history of the show, no one who won three PoVs has ever won. In fact, only three people have ever made it to the final 3 by winning three or more PoVs: Janelle Pierzina during All-Stars, Daniele Donato in season 8 and Memphis Garret in season 10. It's important to win the PoV at least once (every winner has), but not three times.

Don't Use the Power of Veto

I know everyone loves a backdoor, but you need to be careful because it never helps you win. Winners have won a total of 17 PoVs on the show, but it was only used six times (and four of those times were to save themselves). The only exceptions are when Evel Dick used the PoV on his daughter and when season 5's Drew Daniel used the PoV to backdoor Jase as part of Nakomis' infamous Six-Finger Plan. But for the most part, if you use the PoV on someone other than yourself, you won't win.

Have a Strong Alliance

In recent years, the endgames of Big Brother have been dominated by alliances. In season 15, the last three HGs were all members of the Exterminators. In season 14, the last four were all part of the Quack Pack. And in season 12, the final 3 were all in the Brigade. You can't win the game on your own, so having strong allies helps a lot.

Big Brother 16 premieres Wednesday, June 25 at 8pm on CBS.

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