'Best Friends Forever' Season 1 Preview Guide: Three's A Crowd
'Best Friends Forever' Season 1 Preview Guide: Three's A Crowd
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Balancing love and friendship isn't always easy especially when things get really awkward like in the case of NBC's new comedy series Best Friends Forever. But Lennon White will attempt to defy all odds by living with her boyfriend and best friend at the same time beginning Wednesday, April 4 at 8:30/7:30c.

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What to Expect from Best Friends Forever Season 1

As the title implies, Best Friends Forever revolves around two old friends, Lennon and Jessica, who vow to be loyal to each other no matter what. They've been living far away from each other but when Jessica is served with divorce papers,  the two are reunited and suddenly back in each other's lives. 

Jessica, now single, decides to move in with Lennon, who had just moved in with boyfriend Joe. As Jessica and Lennon spend more time together, old habits begin to surface-- whether it's girl talk gossip, matching underwear or movie marathons. While Joe tries to be supportive and  understanding of their new setup, he can't help but feel like he's the third wheel. Could Jessica, Lennon and Joe live in harmony? Probably not. 

Meanwhile, Jessica tries to adjust to her new single life but bumping into old faces like her friend Rav makes things even more complicated. Luckily, unsolicited words of wisdom are always given by nine-year-old neighbor, Queenetta.

Best Friends Forever stars  Lennon Parham as Lennon, Jessica St. Clair as Jessica, Luka Jones as Joe, Stephen Schneider as Rav and Daija Owens as Queenetta.

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