'Beverly Hills Nannies' Season 1 Preview Guide: A Nanny's Glitzy Life at 90210
'Beverly Hills Nannies' Season 1 Preview Guide: A Nanny's Glitzy Life at 90210
Who, in this generation, hasn't heard of the partying sexy teen clicks from Beverly Hills? Or at least a tinge of familiarity with the numbers 9-0-2-1-0? I bet everyone has. But has anyone heard of the nannies from Beverly Hills 90210? Probably none. 

This summer, ABC Family brings Beverly Hills Nannies season 1, a reality show that follows the lives of a group of attractive nannies - and read this, mannies - who take care of children of the rich and the famous living in arguably the world's most popular zip code.

Produced by Evolution Media, the production company behind the hit reality shows The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and The Real Housewives of Orange County, Beverly Hills Nannies season 1 let's America see beyond the glitz and the glamour this place has to offer - from ironing designer clothes for babies to pacifying spoiled children to supervising play times at Rodeo Drive, the nannies go through it all.

Beverly Hills Nannies season 1 features real-life nannies and mannies who deal with the often over-the-top demands of some of the wealthiest families in California. Here's a brief detail of the cast this season:

  • Kristin Lancione from Fremont, California. She started in the nanny business when she babysat for the mothers at the fitness studio she used to manage.
  • Justin Allen Sylvester from Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. He used to be a babysitter for Kyle Richard Umansky.
  • Lucy Anne Treadway from Cincinnati, Ohio. She almost got in as a nanny for Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen's twins.
  • Amanda Averill from West Bend, Wisconsin. Her worst experience as nanny was seeing the father of the family with his mistress at their house while the mother and kids are present.
  • Manny Scott Cartmill from Maryborough, Queensland, Australia. His best experience was seeing himself first in line in the family drawings of the boys he took care of when they arrived from school one day.
  • Amber Valdez from Seattle, Washington. She worked as a nanny for actor Nick Casavettes and Heather Wahlquist.
  • Shaun Sturz from Bakersfield, California. For 6 long years, he was a manny for Kenny G and his family.
  • Shayla Quinn from Orange County, California. An aspiring recording artist, she started her career as a nanny when she first covered for a friend.
  • Party girl Maggie Thorne hopes to be employed as a nanny with the help of her friend Kristin.
Get a sneak peek below

As some would say, no Beverly Hills family would be complete without an attractive nanny. We will probably understand what this means when Beverly Hills Nannies season 1 premieres on July 11 on ABC Family.

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Xylem Thomson
Contributing Writer

(Image and video courtesy of ABC Family)