'Betrayal': A Look Inside ABC's New Thriller
'Betrayal': A Look Inside ABC's New Thriller
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
ABC has a new sizzling, hot show premiering this fall, Betrayal. A man and woman have a chance encounter and find themselves uncontrollably drawn to each other. That is just one of the many betrayals that thread throughout the series.  At this week's ABC Television Critics Association Press Day (TCAs), the executive producers and cast spoke about the series.
Who Attended: 

Hannah Ware (Sara)
Stuart Townsend (Jack)
James Cromwell (Thatcher)
Henry Thomas (T.J.)
David Zabel and Lisa Zwerling (Executive Producers)

Highlights from the Panel: 

  • The encounter that Sara has could happen to anyone. She meets Jack at when things in her life seem fine and great and she doesn't have any marital issues. She's a struggling photographer and is inspired by Jack. He shows her a new way to look at the world around her.

  • "The stakes are slightly elevated" because of the twist at end of pilot.

  • The show is filmed in Chicago. The city becomes its own character in the show. "The scenery feeds the characters in the story." - Ware

  • The affair and relationship is romanticized. It's meant to be truthful and not designed to be too easy to root for. The writers want the audience to struggle with the affair just as Sara and Jack have guilt over the relationship. Makes it a more complicated and real situation. And, the two stories that intersect makes it even more complex. - Zabel

  • The series wants to show how an affair can happen. There are no real bad guys. Zwerling said, "... it's a wish fulfillment and also very complicated and dirty and uncomfortable, but that's what makes it great to watch."

  • The premiere will include a flash forward that shows Sara being shot and the first 13 episodes will lead up to that event. Those episodes have been conceived as one story with a conclusion.

  •  Zabel said that the flash forward is used in an attempt to show that the series is more then just a soap opera, "... it's much more. It's much huger and more dangerous and darker than that in some ways.  And you get a sense of that, I think, from some of the thriller stuff that's in the pilot.... It's an indication that there are two stories here.  One is a dangerous crime, legal thriller.  One of them is a romantic  a troubled romantic story, and these two stories are on a collision course."

  • There will be moments of trouble and potential betrayal between Jack and Sara. Who will she end up with in the end? Her husband? Or, Jack?

  • "It is a dysfunctional family, at the core of which is a lie."  - Cromwell

Betrayal premieres Sunday, September 29 at 10 pm ET on ABC.

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