First Look at 'Being Human' Season 2: A Delicate Balancing Act
First Look at 'Being Human' Season 2: A Delicate Balancing Act
We're two months away from the return of Being Human on Syfy -- the new season premieres on January 16 -- and we have the first promo for the second season!

It's still all about Aidan, Sally and Josh, trying to balance their "human" lives with their supernatural ones, which should prove to be a harder task especially after the big season finale. Aidan's leading the Boston vampires while dealing with a figure from his past. Sally finds herself being chased by nother mysterious figure, and Josh has to keep things going with Nora while looking for a cure to his condition.

The new promo has a bunch more footage than the clip we first saw off this year's Comic-Con. Why not watch it below? Then we'll speculate.

A new roommate? I won't bet on that.

Aidan's dating again! How will this all end? Me, I don't think he'll be able to keep his vamp instincts inside like last time. Especially with all that he has to juggle.

Nora's still dealing with being scratched by Josh. I'm wondering why they're still not making big play out of the fact that she's also a werewolf, more or less. Unless she isn't one.

Someone's after Sally. She missed her door, and now this... dark ghost of sorts is after her. She's blaming herself for this, because she when she missed her door she inadvertently let this dude in... yeah, I'm confused, too.

There is a gun. I wonder who has it?

There is a secret hatch. No, I'm not floating a Lost reference. But what does Aidan find in that hatch at the end of the promo? Could it be that mysterious person from his past? I'm still betting on it being Dichen Lachman's character, but with news that Blood Ties' Kyle Schmid joining the show, I'm not so sure now.

Being Human returns January 16 at 9pm on Syfy.

(Image courtesy of Syfy)