7 Teases for 'Being Human' Season 4: Destiny, Familiar Faces and New Powers Await
7 Teases for 'Being Human' Season 4: Destiny, Familiar Faces and New Powers Await
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
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Being Human is back for season 4 on Syfy and things are getting even more complicated than usual. Of course, complications are bound to arise when your roommates are a ghost, a vampire, and a werewolf. It sounds like the opening of a bad joke, but the hit series taken its wacky premise and turned it into a fun, exciting ride.

So what can fans expect when the show returns January 13 for a fourth season of supernatural roommate drama? Here are seven teases we learned when we sat down with creator Anna Fricke and the whole cast at San Diego Comic Con:

Season 4 is About Destiny

Every season of Being Human is built around a theme, and this year the theme is going to be destiny. The show will focus in on the characters and their pasts, seeing what made them who they are today and what ties them together. 

"Those people are together for a reason and they are who they are for a reason," said showrunner Anne Fricke. 

This includes finding out more about the mysterious woman at the end of last season, who looked surprisingly identical to Aidan's former wife. They'll deal with who (or what) she is early on in the season. 

Josh Will Be Changed

Being a werewolf for months at a time changes a person. We'll be seeing a different side of Josh this season and the effect of his extended wolf transformation. 

"It's a big psychological journey for Josh this year," said Fricke. 

Things Will Be Tough for Our Favorite Wolfy Newlyweds

"Things have never been worse for Josh and Nora!" said Kristen Hager, who plays part of the moon-crossed couple.

Although the two got hitched last season, the road for the newlyweds has been decidedly rocky. There's been no honeymoon phase for poor Josh and Nora. In fact, the two only see each other for about a half hour every full moon. "That's no way to live life as a married couple!" Hager notes.

Nora will be doing everything she can to get Josh back. But that doesn't mean things will be smooth sailing even if Josh's perpetual werewolf state is cured. Expect more challenges for the fan favorite couple in the new season. 

A Big Vampire Question Will Be Answered

According to Sam Witwer, one of the big questions since the series premiered is why tortured vampire Aidan doesn't just kill himself. After all, for every year that Aidan is alive the odds are good he'll take more innocent human lives. And with all the brooding, it seems the simplest solution would also be the most permanent

Witwer says the show will offer a "very interesting and very definitive" answer to the vampire suicide question in the new season. And the person giving the answers just might surprise you... 

We'll See Familiar Faces

While the show is looking to expand into new territory, expect to see some familiar faces. It seems all but assured that Mark Pellegrino's Bishop will pop up, and will be the vehicle to explain why Aidan hasn't taken the easy way out. We might also see Meaghan Rath's (who plays Sally) real-life brother Jesse Rath return as Robbie. And Sally's rocky friendship with Zoe might also recommence in season 4. 

The Ghost World Will Expand

When it comes to new mythology in season 4, it's going to be all ghosts, all the time. With Sally absorbing Donna's powers, our favorite ghost roommate will be more powerful than ever before. Sally might also be flirting with the dark side. 

"Power always comes with a price doesn't it?" said Meaghan Rath. 

The creative team will be expanding on the ghost world in the new season and deepening the mythology around the spirit realm. According to Fricke, "It's a very paranormal season." 

There's No Season-Long "Big Bad" 

While many shows build seasons around a long-form "big bad" or major villain, season 4 will be more focused on the theme of destiny and the character's inner struggles. Most of the cast said the show was most interesting when focused on the characters and the way they interact. 

But showrunner Fricke also noted that season-long villains can be hard to organically write. "I'm going to kill you...later!" 

This season there will be a mix of adversaries for the roommates to push up against. Thankfully the roomies are closer than ever after all they've been through together. 

"They're pretty bonded and they really have to stand up for each other this year, and pull each other back from the edge," Fricke said.

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Being Human airs Mondays at 9pm on Syfy.

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