What the Frock, Kate Walsh?
What the Frock, Kate Walsh?
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Welcome, once again, to "What the Frock?" where we question the stylistic sanity of our favorite TV actresses.

This week, Kate Walsh went to the premiere of The Hangover. And, in a way, she dressed appropriately, because she made me nauseous. And cranky. With a pretty severe headache. Which is a round-about way of saying I do not approve of this ensemble. And neither, apparently, does Ed Helms. He's back there, asking, for all of us:

"What the frock, Kate Walsh?"

Ed's missing a tooth. But am I missing something else here?

wenn5305549.jpgI ask, because Kate looks pretty satisfied with herself, considering the fact that her skirt matches the red carpet exactly. And this really irritates me, because she knew she'd be on the red carpet. And she knew she is also a redhead. And she knew she would be photographed. So how did she not know she'd be serving up a red-overdose to the already bloodshot Hangover viewers' eyeballs?

She probably thought, "Hey, I'm breaking up all the red with these satin creme peep toes and satin magenta top, so everything will be A-OK." And while I'm with her on the shoes, I must tell Kate that everything is not A-OK with that top.

Here's where my real problem comes in. Have you ever been inside a room that was colored so obnoxiously that you couldn't bear to stay inside for more than a couple minutes? Sometimes this is an effective decorating strategy, like when municipal buildings paint the insides of their lobbies and elevators some violent chartreuse color so that homeless people don't set up shop (fall asleep) inside. (I did not make this up. I read about the Seattle Public Library doing just that with a shade of neon, "institutional" green in their restrooms to discourage transients from bathing there. The More You Know!)

Anyway. By themselves, these pieces are not so bad. It's the combination of violent red and too-close-on-the-warm-side-of-the-color-wheel-magenta that is really torturing me. If I had not bathed in a week, and Kate Walsh's outfit was a shower-accommodated restroom, I'd rather just go smelly for another day. Wait--now I'm hungover and smelly? Thanks a lot, Kate.

-Meghan Carlson, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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