Glam or Slam Carpet: The 2009 CMT Awards (Page 2)
Glam or Slam Carpet: The 2009 CMT Awards (Page 2)
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Heidi Newfield:

Abbey: crocheting your red carpet dress is just a bad idea

Abbey: also, holy bitch boots batman!
Meghan: all i see is half of a black widow costume
Abbey: (otherwise known as reason number 999 why women with actual thighs should not wear thigh high boots)
Meghan: yeah, the boots are not helping the matter
Meghan: which brings up an interesting intellectual quandary:
Meghan: at what length do boots technically become pants?
Abbey: hmmm....very interesting indeed
Abbey: for example, these boots might have actually helped karolina kurkova and the pantsless problem
Abbey: they should have switched shoes and their outfits would only be half disasters (or 3/4 disasters)
Meghan: no one should have switched shoes with EITHER of these women
Abbey: ahaha true, barefoot is probably a better option
Meghan: okay, enough of the woman wearing the goth grandmother's tablecloth

Martina McBride:

[typed at exactly the same time:]
Abbey: well first, Martina McBride is like a fine wine -- woman looks better the older she gets
Meghan: i think martina mcbride is super pretty and even though i'm not a country music fan, i am inclined to like her

Abbey: still, it looks like a dress (actually a tunic top) you get at Forever 21
Meghan: i think the problem for me is the lace-up thing
Meghan: a deep v would have made it much more flattering
Abbey: here is Martina McBride in her 20's 
Meghan: shut your mouth
Abbey: she looks like Laura Bush's slightly more stuck up cousin and now -- wowza!
Meghan: well, most of that credit goes to our unfortunate tastes for mushroom bobs and mocha lipgloss in the early 90s
Abbey: thanks a lot, Monica Geller
Meghan: anyway, i think this look for martina today is a partial, almost full, win. no one can deny her hotness
Abbey: I concur

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