"Extra Special: Beauty and the Geek Special" Recap
"Extra Special: Beauty and the Geek Special" Recap
We've reach the half-way point of season 5 of Beauty and the Geek, so tonight, instead of a regular episode, we've got "Extra Special: Beauty and the Geek Special." Four beauties and four geeks have fallen by the wayside, and there are only five more teams to go. Tonight, we get an hour of never-before-seen footage from the first six episode of the season. Clunky title, notwithstanding, I am actually looking forward to this clip show, even though I usually hate them, because we are promised a geek makeover for one Jim, who got eliminated too soon.

As expected, there was a lot that we had already seen, but here are some features from tonight's extra special episode that we haven't seen before.

The Beauty and the Geek Yearbook

Jason – Most likely to star in his own infomercial. Wow, this dude is ripped. All of the beauties were really impressed by his abs and pleaded with him to take his shirt off. After much coaxing, he obliges them and even makes his pecs do a little dance.

Jonathan – Most 'available' bachelor. He's not a very big hit with the ladies, so the girls make him a potato-head girlfriend, complete with hair from the bathroom. Ew. He gets to star in a little faux-commercial advertising "tater maids."

Tommy – Most likely to hook up. All the girls fought over him because, even though he's still a virgin, he's definitely good-looking and charming. He has a funny moment in bed with two of the beauties, both teasing him with talks of an orgy, but he ends up hooking up with Amber behind closed doors and off-camera.

Joe – Most likely to let it all out. Joe eats with his mouth full, farts and belches in front of everyone, snores, doesn't change his underwear or bathes, picks his nose, and smells.

Greg – Most likely to wear his heart on his sleeve. The first self-described Gaysian on Beauty and the Geek. We get a montage of all the times he has cried. He cried when he was feeling alienated, overwhelmed and accepted.

Tara – Most quotable beauty. Tara thinks that the ocean is a planetary body and thinks that she might get electrocuted if she sweats too much. She said a whole lot more that I just couldn't transcribe in time.

Beauty Bash

It all seemed to come to the surface with the talent show. All the beauties turned on each other, and eventually two cliques emerged: the tomboys (Randi, Tiffany and Leticia) and the princesses (everyone else except for Cara).  Amber fought with everybody, Tiffany fought with Randi, and Randi fought with Amber. Leticia tried to make peace but everyone else turned against her. Cara, however, stayed friends with everyone.

Geeksclusive moments

1) Tommy and Joe trade clothes.
2) Geeks in toyland. Jonathan and Jason playing with dinosaur robots.
3) Jim shows off his Rubik's Cube prowess to Jillian.

Jim's Makeover

Jim was the geek who wanted the makeover more than anyone else, so Beauty and the Geek saw fit to provide him with a makeover since he got eliminated before he could have one. Tiffany skulks around Jim's hometown, in his neighborhood. She calls out to him from the sidewalk, and he runs outside to hear the good news that he'll be getting a makeover.

Tiffany brings him to Floyd's barbershop, and the stylists there clip and shave while Tiffany goes shopping for a new outfit for him.

And wow!!! He looks amazing after his makeover! He's clean-shaven, has a stylish new haircut (which isn't too spikey and faux-hawky like all the rest of the post-makeover geeks). More importantly, he really fits his look. The stylist thinks he looks like Ryan Gosling, which he does! Tiffany gives him a leather pocket protector with flames drawn on it to complete his look. He's so much cuter than Tommy now. I really wish Tiffany and Jim had stayed on longer.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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