Exclusive Interview: Jonathan of 'Beauty and the Geek'
Exclusive Interview: Jonathan of 'Beauty and the Geek'
Jonathan is one of nine geeks on the fifth season of Beauty and the Geek who are trying to prove that they were more than just socially awkward brainy types. He also does a killer velociraptor impression. Unfortunately, he was eliminated in last night's episode when Tara chose Joe over Jonathan to be her partner.

Jonathan spoke to BuddyTV today about his time on Beauty and the Geek. He described what really went on in the flag football game from episode 3, the beauties' behind-the-scenes machinations that led to his ouster from the show and his great triumph from the season premiere that did not make it to air on the episode. Below, you will find a detailed summary of our conversation.

Almost immediately into our conversation, Jonathan wanted to make it clear that he is not a "boob grabber" as I had described him in my recap of the flag football game. He was playing defense at the time, and while there may have been incidental grazing of Tara's breasts, he said it was entirely unintentional and only happened because of the physical nature of the game.

In fact, the game he described to me was far more brutal than how it appeared on television. He said that the girls were playing very dirty and then tried to call as many fouls on the geeks as they could. Jonathan and Jim were treated by the medic after being scratched heavily by some of the girls. Jonathan even said that some of the beauties would punch the geeks in the chest before the plays started. He felt that the geeks were trying to play fair and keep things clean, but the beauties had no such compunction, which is what eventually contributed to a victory for Team Beauty. The girls also had a more manageable offensive strategy that worked better for them. Jonathan thought that his team's offense was too ambitious, seeing as very few of them, except for Joe, really had any football experience.

It looked like Jonathan's fate was left in Tara's hands at the beginning of last night's episode because she was the last beauty to choose between Jonathan and Joe, but it really wasn't like that. Beforehand, all the girls discussed which geek each was going to pick, and Tiffany had decided that she was going to choose Jonathan. But at the last minute, she chose Jim instead, giving Tara an unexpected choice between Joe and Jonathan. In our conversation, Jonathan sounded very frustrated at this turn of events, especially since if Tiffany hadn't swapped her choice at the last minute, Jonathan would have stayed in the house longer. He doesn't hate Tiffany for what she did, but it does not sound like the two are close. Jonathan did, however, make some very good connections with some of the other contestants. He is still close with most of the geeks and some of the beauties.

In the very first elimination, the beauties had chosen Jonathan to be one of the five geeks to head into the elimination room because they thought that he was already one of the most social geeks in the house. Unfortunately, the producers of the show didn't show a lot of footage of him being social. This was especially true of the first challenge, in which the beauties and the geeks competed against each other to get the most phone numbers from strangers at a Hollywood club. Jonathan had gotten more phone numbers than any of the geeks and most of the beauties. He got 14 numbers, twice that of Tommy who was the second place geek. Only Cara got more phone numbers. Jonathan was very proud of himself for this accomplishment, considering that he had only gotten two phone numbers ever before being on the show. This was one of the reasons the girls picked him to go to elimination – because they perceived him to be their biggest threat.

He hasn't really continued going to clubs and picking up women after going back home to the real world. He has settled back into normal life in his small town of Colfax, California. He and his mother are very close, and he considers her his best friend. They have even begun taking tai chi classes together. This is why his tagline on Beauty and the Geek was "mama's boy." He didn't get to choose this moniker, but the producers must have thought that his relationship with his mother was closer than what the other geeks had with their parents.

In the next year or two, he plans to go back to school to finish his degree. He plans to study Japanese.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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