Beauty and the Geek: What's with Ashton Kutcher's Beard?
Beauty and the Geek: What's with Ashton Kutcher's Beard?
We recently reported that the star of That '70s Show appeared in the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball, where he was accompanied by none other than Demi Moore.  There, he told the Associated Press how much he and Moore believed in the organization's thrust, and how they have been supporting it through the years.  Aside from Kutcher, the star studded event included stars from hit television shows such as Grey's Anatomy.  Aside from this charity event, Kutcher has had a lot on his plate this past few weeks.  In fact, the creator of Beauty and the Geek has been very busy with his new big screen offering entitled What Happens in Vegas, where he stars alongside Cameron Diaz.

However, it isn't these endeavors that have gotten the attention of Kutcher fans all over the States.  Recently, the actor has sported a scruffy look, which some attributed to a new role he is supposed to play.  Apparently, we all got it wrong, because an insider tells In Touch that he grew his facial hair for religious reasons!

"Unlike what people think, Ashton is not growing a beard for a role," an insider told the magazine.  "He is growing it because of the Jewish and Kabbalah holiday called Lag Ba'Omer.  There is actually meaning behind it."

While Kutcher and Moore are not Jewish, they enjoy studying Kabbalah, which is closely related to Judaism.  In fact, the Lag Ba'Omer holiday, which fell on May 23rd, actually represents the end of the 49-day mourning between Passover and Shavuot, wherein Jews and Kabbalah followers refrain from worldly indulgences such as music, parties and shaves and haircuts.

However, E! Online reports that the Lag Ba'Omer should be the window of time wherein men are allowed to get rid of their stubble, which apparently Kutcher decided to pass on.  Yesterday though, we saw Kutcher beard-less and back to normal.  Now fans are waiting what else is he cooking up for the next Jewish holiday.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: In Touch, E! Online
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