Beauty and the Geek: Tommy Talks About "Learning How to Fish"
Beauty and the Geek: Tommy Talks About "Learning How to Fish"
In the season finale of Beauty and the Geek, we saw the three teams get sliced yet once again, leaving two teams to battle it out to the end.  The two teams left were Tommy and Amanda and Chris and Cara, who were all running around the city to take on the last challenge of picking up as much contestants as possible.  Chris and Cara came home with four, while Tommy and Amanda returned with five, making them the team to win $250,000.

Now that all that fuss is over, Reality News Online sat down with Tommy Severo to talk about the past season and how he landed a spot in the competition in the first place.

The first thing that probably stood out the most about this season was that Tommy Severo did not fit into the geek stereotype.  While some might say that this was a move done by the producers to make things interesting, Tommy saw this as pure chance.

“Actually, the show chose me.  I happened to be in the right place at the right time.  A film was being shot at my law school last fall and they needed people to play extras,” Tommy recalled.  “After sitting in the background all day, I was approached by one of the producers from the film who apparently noticed my geeky style, formal speech, and awkward interactions with some of the female cast members.  Once he found out I was also a student at the law school, he got me to come in for an audition.”

Coming off the competition, Tommy had renewed his confidence and outlook in life, and had actually enjoyed the perks of being a recognized reality TV personality.

"I am truly grateful for having had this wonderful experience...I was certainly fortunate enough to have had a great deal more female attention than I was used to receiving in my everyday life," he said.  "Having had little experience with that kind of interaction, it was easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of emotions, but I kept reminding myself that the girls were there to teach me how to get dates, not to be my dates.  It’s the old 'give-a-man-a-fish/teach-a-man-to-fish' thing."

Speaking of that analogy, Tommy believed that it was experience in Beauty and the Geek that taught him how to interact more casually with the people around him and gain new acquaintances and friends.

"At times, though, especially with a certain female cast member, I just got so hungry for fish that I wanted to take a break from the lessons just so I could have some food for a second.  I had gone through a long stretch in my life when food was scarce, the fishing was rough, and the nets kept coming up empty," he explained.  "After a while you stop casting the nets out altogether.  You’re just too tired, too weak, and hungry to even bother wasting the energy.  So when a fish jumps up out of the lake and lands in your boat, your first inclination isn’t going to be to ask it where to find the others.  It’s tough to learn on an empty stomach, you know."

But when it came to fishing for a partner for the competition, Tommy was happy that Amanda picked him.

“Amanda and I worked amazingly well together and I was so excited when she picked me... To have been picked by anyone was a relief; to have been selected by Amanda was an honor,” Tommy said.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: Reality News Online
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