Beauty and the Geek: Season 4 Cast Revealed
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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When The CW's Beauty and the Geek returns, a new batch of hot women and brainy men will figure in yet another social experiment.

Nine pairs will be competing for a chance to win $250,000.  Challenges for the upcoming season include performing an autobiographical rap and competing for the title of prom king for the geeks while the beauties will have to participate in a debate and lecture a third-grade class as substitute teachers.

As previously reported, season 4 will also include a pair made up of a gorgeous guy and a geeky girl.  Sam, a 26-year-old party promoter from Davis, California, will be teamed up with Nicole, a 25-year-old Tufts University musicology graduate student from San Francisco.  Aside from giving the show a new gender-based twist, the couple will also test the concept of book smarts versus social smarts.

Here are the rest of the contenders of Beauty and the Geek season 4:

The Geeks:

David – a 28-year-old fire department administrator

Jesse – a 26-year-old software engineer

John – a 22-year-old student/ analog circuit designer

Josh – a 21-year-old student at Berkeley

Joshua – a 26-year-old student who is about to receive his master's degree

Luke – a 23-year-old student

Tony – a 26-year-old medical student

Will – a 23-year-old software engineer

William – a 25-year-old server

The Beauties:

Amanda – a 25-year-old model

Erin – a 22-year-old hair stylist

Hollie – a 26-year-old theme park performer

Jasmine – a 22-year-old nanny

Jennifer – a 26-year-old waitress and model

Katie – a 25-year-old retail store manager

Natalie – a 22-year-old waitress and promotional model for Hooters

Rebecca – a 24-year-old student

Shalandra – a 26-year-old bartender

Last season, Megan & Scooter won the competition.

Find out who among these hopefuls will be hailed winners as Beauty and the Geek season 4 premieres on Tuesday, September 18 at 8pm ET/PT on The CW.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The CW
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