Beauty and the Geek: Episode 5.9 "The Fixer-Uppers" Recap
Beauty and the Geek: Episode 5.9 "The Fixer-Uppers" Recap
Previously on Beauty and the Geek, the beauties and the geeks hit the road for a winter vacation at Big Bear. Kristina and Jason nearly won the sledding challenge, but in the end, they were the ones who were sent home.

The four teams remaining are Joe and Tara, Chris and Cara, Tommy and Amanda, and Matt and Leticia. They arrive back at the Beauty and the Geek mansion after their trip. Everyone registers varying degrees of shock and happiness to be in the final four. The teams decide to give Jason a Viking funeral. C'mon, people, he didn't die!

Everyone gathers in the library to find out what their challenges are. The beauties' challenge will involve plumbing in some way, and Tara is instantly freaked out at the prospect of smelling poo. As for the geeks, their challenge will involve making women feel beautiful. Mike suggests that the geeks soak up as much information about fashion and beauty from their partners. Tara schools Joe about what constitutes white trash.

The geeks are escorted to an all-white photography studio. Mike tells them that they will each have four models, and the geeks will make them feel great by giving them a head-to-toe makeover. The four models who come out are supposedly "ugly" because they are wearing glasses and shapeless clothes. However, careful scrutiny reveals that they are not bad looking at all. The guys will have to take before photos, then make them over and then take after photos.

Tommy instructs his model to hunch over and look sad for her before shot. Next, in wardrobe, Matt has trouble finding the right size clothes for his model and has trouble negotiating colors. Poor blind Matt. Chris does a good job picking out a cute outfit, and Joe gives his model a backhanded compliment, saying that he likes her "womanly" figure. Wow, he's really condescending.

The next stage of the makeover is hair and makeup. Thankfully, the geeks aren't actually cutting the girls' hair and applying the makeup because that might really end in disaster. They just instruct stylists on what to do. In the after photos, Matt's and Chris' models look the best, in my opinion.

The beauties get to determine the winner of the challenge. They are presented with portfolios of the before and after photos, without knowing which one the geeks were responsible for. Based on the beauties' scoring, the top two geeks are Chris and Tommy. But the winner is Chris! Chris and Cara are now guaranteed a spot in the final three.

After the challenge, Matt apologizes to Leticia for not winning and putting the pressure on her to win her challenge. Tara chastises Joe for doing so poorly on his challenge and for hitting on his model instead of choosing better clothes. No matter how much the producers try to tell us that Joe and Tara are getting along better, I don't believe it. They are so going to kill each other soon.

Now, it's time for the beauties' challenge. They each have a bathroom to repair. Yuck. The tub is clogged up and filled up with gross brown water. They must unclog the tub, get the toilet to stop running, dismantle the sink and retrieve a ring that was dropped down the drain, and then put the sink back together. Ugh. Why do the beauties always have the grossest challenges?

Yuck! The beauties use plungers to try to unclog the tub, but Leticia just goes in and uses her hands to grab all the hair, which she calls "Randi's weave," down the drain. She gets the tub drained first and moves onto the toilet. Leticia is a whiz at plumbing. She makes little work of the toilet and quickly moves onto the sink. Leticia quickly retrieves the ring, rinses it off and wins the challenge, all before any of the other beauties have finished with the tub.

So, Chris and Cara, and Leticia and Matt are safe today, which means that Joe and Tara, and Tommy and Amanda must face each other in elimination.

In the elimination room, the first team to correctly answer three questions will win. Tara knows that you can use a hairdryer to thaw frozen pipes. Tommy knows that a short woman should wear a knee-length coat to look long and lean. Amanda knows that you should "measure twice and cut once." Joe knows that the official Dallas Cowboys cheerleader uniforms have blue stars.

It's sudden death now. The next team to answer correctly will win. In the next question, Amanda chimes in that Thomas Edison invented the incandescent light bulb even before hearing the multiple choices. So Amanda and Tommy win, and Joe and Tara are eliminated. It's the end of the road on Beauty and the Geek for Joe and Tara. In their final interview, each tries to make nice with the other, but Tara freaks out because Joe spits something really gross at her. Some things will never change.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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