Beauty and the Geek: Episode 5.8 "Snowbound" Recap
Beauty and the Geek: Episode 5.8 "Snowbound" Recap
Previously on Beauty and the Geek, Joe and Randi got into the wildest fight in Beauty and the Geek history, ending in unexpected expectoration. Randi and Greg faced and lost against Joe and Tara in the elimination, and now there are only five teams remaining!

Tonight's episode begins as usual with the rest of the gang waiting to see which team emerges from the elimination room. It looks like everyone except for Jason is disappointed to see that Randi and Greg have gone home. (Kristina, in particular, is bummed because she thinks Tara and Joe are a team of Debbie Downers. Ha! I love Rachel Dratch.) Mike Richards arrives and makes the exciting announcement that they will all be headed to Big Bear the next day. Everyone is excited except for Chris, who really can't get it up for Big Bear. He doesn't have the same olation [sic] as everyone else.

Before the elimination, Greg had baked this fabulous cake to share, so everyone goes downstairs to eat it. It's actually kind of funny because they all make little eulogies about poor, dear, departed Greg.

The next day, everyone piles into a short bus to head off to the mountain. They arrive at the resort to find fresh snowdrifts, evergreen trees and a beautiful lodge. Everyone is really impressed with their new digs, but Chris is determined to keep his focus and win the competition. Chris' demeanor in the confessional room is pretty intense and creepy, frankly, and his new sourpuss attitude doesn't escape Cara's notice.

There's something about the fresh mountain air that makes people just want to pair off, I guess. Jason and Joe bond together in the sauna. Afterwards, Joe goes outside to play in the snow with Tara. He has a massive crush on her, and it's making her uncomfortable. After a day in the snow, everyone gets into their swimsuits to drink champagne in the hot tub. Tommy confessionals that he is beginning to like Tara (although he wants to wait to see what happens with his erstwhile hookup Amber before making a move on Tara). Joe is bothered by the fact that Tara is flirting with Tommy. Cara and Matt hang out, playing piano and then they get down to some cuddling. Cara thinks better of it, worried that making out will just cause drama.

When it's time for bed, Tara is worried about sleeping next to Joe, so she constructs a gigantic wall to separate her area from his. Joe is understandably offended by this, so he decides to get the big bear rug to sleep on instead.

The next morning, the group assembles outside underneath a big finish line banner. Mike tells them about the challenge. The beauties must construct a sled using parts and tools that are embedded in a snowman. Whenever they need a certain part, they must ask their geeks for it, but the geeks can only bring them one part at a time so the beauties must be very clear about what they need. After they finish constructing the sled, they must run up a hill and then slide all the way down and across the finish line.

Tara and Joe immediately have trouble communicating. Cara has a hard time identifying screws and nuts. Kristina gets frustrated with Jason because he brings her a paint holder twice, instead of the bottom of the sled. She's actually really fast and finishes constructing her sled first. She and Jason run up the hill. They have a really hard time running up the hill, which seriously looks ginormous. Once they are on the sled, Kristina has to keep telling Jason to pick up his feet. Well, the guy's from Brooklyn, so he probably hasn't had as much experience sledding than Kristina has. Unfortunately, Jason keeps dragging his feet, so they stop just a few feet from the finish line. Cara finishes her sled as Kristina and Jason make their second unsuccessful attempt down the hill.

Chris and Cara have a hard time steering, and by that time, Tommy and Amanda already run up and sled down, through the finish line on their first try. Kristina is so pissed at Jason and his big ol' feet. Tommy and Amanda are safe from elimination tonight.

Back at the lodge, Mike tells everyone that each of the teams will get to vote for who will be eliminated and sent home immediately. In the event of a tie, Tommy and Amanda will have final say. All the teams get to packing their bags and discussing their votes. Tara and Joe really work through a lot of their issues, including Tommy's crush on Tara and Tara's desire to strangle Joe at times.

The teams gather outside for the vote. Jason and Kristina vote for Tara and Joe. (Jason has nothing but high esteem for Cowboy Joe, but he just doesn't like the way Tara treats him.) Joe and Tara, in turn, vote for Jason and Kristina. (Joe is really torn up inside.) Chris and Cara vote for Matt and Leticia. (Chris is wearing his pink rhinestone hat again.) Matt and Leticia return the favor by voting for Chris and Cara. So, all four teams are tied with one vote apiece, which means that Amanda and Tommy will have to vote as well. Tommy and Amanda vote for Jason and Kristina to be sent home.

So here, we have the final four teams of Beauty and the Geek season 5: Amanda and Tommy, Cara and Chris, Leticia and Matt, and Tara and Joe.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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