'Beauty and the Beast' Recap: Vincent Gets Vicious
'Beauty and the Beast' Recap: Vincent Gets Vicious
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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In this week's episode of Beauty and the Beast, Cat's quest to help Vincent remember who he really is continues, but it won't be as easy as she had hoped.

Vincent is MIA

The episode opens on a press conference featuring Gabe speaking about Zhao's murder in the previous episode. Cat and Tess are watching, and we learn that the city is on the lookout for Vincent. Gabe shows up, and together, they all discuss that they need to find Vincent, and soon, before he hurts someone. Cat then goes to J.T. and tells him they need to find Vincent before Tess and Gabe, because Gabe wants to "assess" him and she is worried about what that might mean.

She asks him to look up video from near the crime scene to look for him and tells him her new idea: she wants to plan something more personal with Vincent, in the hopes that that will help him to remember their past together. He thinks she means she's going to have sex with him, and she says no, nothing quite so racy; she's planning a picnic on the roof, where she and Vincent used to go all the time.

J.T. gives her a stun gun and she goes looking for Vincent in the city, while J.T. looks for him through surveillance video. Agent Reynolds, meanwhile, is also looking for Vincent, and between all these people at work on the search, Vincent has his work cut out for him if he wants to stay hidden.

Rooftop Reunion

Later, Cat is on her rooftop, and Vincent does in fact show up there. She tells him she's been looking for him, which he is already aware of. He asks why, wary of her and her motives. She tells him about her picnic idea, but Vincent is distracted, looking at his watch, so she asks where he has to be and he won't tell her. Stubborn as ever, Cat brings up Zhao, and Vincent then leaves without telling her anything more. She then calls J.T. for help in tracking him, and Tess and Gabe beep in on the other line, alerting her to the fact that they are doing the same.

In her car, Cat tries to follow him using their directions, and Gabe lectures her for not letting them know when Vincent was at her apartment. She is obviously distrustful of them, and won't tell them her plans the way she will for J.T., unsure of what will happen to Vincent if Gabe and the police get a hold of him.

Vincent's Target

As it turns out, Vincent went to a building near Rikers after he left Cat, and from there, he shoots a prisoner inside with something that makes him foam at the mouth and the prisoner needs medical attention. Vincent pretends to be a doctor using a fake ID and gets the other medical staff to leave the room where the prisoner was taken before demanding to know about the prisoner's "asset."

The scene then switches to a parking lot outside Rikers, where Cat is on the phone with Tess. Vincent grabs her from behind and covers her mouth, then uses a pressure point on her neck to force her to pass out before stowing her away in a car and driving off with her.

Cat is Captured

Vincent has tied Cat up and blindfolded her in a room on a boat. He is typing on a computer, and asks her who she is. She repeats that she is his girlfriend, but he says there's no proof that that is true. He thinks maybe she's tracking him down, based on her behavior. He gets frustrated with Cat when she continues to ask him questions, but she argues with him that she hasn't told anyone the truth about him, and tries to let him know that he can trust her. Eventually, she asks him to take the blindfold off, and he does, apparently deciding once he looks into her eyes that she is telling the truth after all.

Cat and Vincent Reconnect

Meanwhile, Gabe and Tess are looking for Cat, and Gabe brings up the situation with Carlos Hernandez, the drug dealer Vincent shot with what were apparently seizure-inducing chemicals. This proves to be important information later on.

Back on the boat, Vincent brings Cat water, and she asks him to undo her bindings and to use acupressure on her wrists to settle her. He reveals that he finds himself drawn to her, and that if she hadn't gone looking for him, he believes he would've eventually shown up anyway.

They continue conversing and the scene switches to J.T. and Gabe speaking on the phone; they are still looking for Cat, but it appears her phone has been scrambled and they can't pinpoint her exact location. Tess then walks into Cat's apartment where J.T. is, and he spills the beans about the picnic plan. She is looking for the password to Cat's card account, frustrated that she can't guess it as Cat's best friend.

Vincent is questioning Cat about their first date. She explains that they didn't ever go on official dates, as he had to stay hidden. He then asks about their first kiss, which leads to a kiss in their present, and she asks him if that brought back any memories. Sadly, it did not, but they continue to kiss and soon enough, they go to bed together.

Gabe to the Rescue

After sleeping together, Cat asks if that triggered any memories for Vincent. It did not, and when his phone goes off, he gets out of bed and tells her she should get dressed. He then ties her up again and leaves her there.

Elsewhere, Tess, Gabe and J.T. are still searching for Cat, and Tess is upset that Cat's password turned out to be a loose reference to J.T. that she didn't know. She's also upset that Cat doesn't trust her because she's working with Gabe, and Gabe takes them both off the case and leaves to find Cat on his own.

He finds her on the boat, on the floor and still bound to the chair after she tipped herself over, and he unties her. Together, they look at Vincent's computer, and it's on a message to a Gina Garolo, a family member of a rival to Carlos Hernandez. Vincent left Cat to go meet Gina at a club, and it appears he is planning something malicious.

Chaos at the Club

Vincent, using his fake name of Dr. Braunstein that Gina knows him by, meets Gina at the club and asks if they can go somewhere quieter. Gabe and Cat show up to look for him, and Vincent senses that Cat is there. He goes to Cat and she tells him she's there to stop him from killing Gina, but he claims he's there to protect her.

Back with Gina, another guy is talking to her, and Gabe shows up just as the guy goes to take Gina out to the alley outside the club. Vincent comes back, and when Gabe takes out his gun to stop Vincent from going after the duo, Vincent tosses him away and goes after them. The other man is about to kill Gina just as Vincent finds them, and the two men both go into beast mode and fight. Cat witnesses the fight, and she and Gabe realize that there are more people like Vincent out there, still alive.

Beasts on the Black Market

J.T. and Tess drink together and talk about how they both just want to help their friends, but in different ways. It seems like they're bonding, and I appreciate the rapport.

Meanwhile, Cat and Gabe are at the police station, and Gabe informs Cat that after a little digging, he found out that Carlos gave money to Muirfield to "buy" a solider like Vincent. When Vincent attacked Carlos, he wasn't asking about a drug dealer under his control, but about a fellow "beast." And in luring Gina to the club, he was using her as bait to lure Carlos' "asset" out. They are worried that maybe someone has bought Vincent as well.

Vincent Gets Vicious

Later, at Cat's apartment, she arrives home to find a sticky note on her door that reads only "Roof." She heads up, and Vincent is there. He's come to bring her her phone back, to her disappointment, and to apologize for tying her up. He also tells her that he'd actually like to have a picnic sometime after all, which I'm sure the hopeful Vincent/Cat shippers love.

But Cat, always asking questions, asks Vincent whether he's been "bought" the way the man who tried to kill Gina was, and whether someone is controlling him. Vincent gets mad, but Cat continues to push him, telling him he needs to let her in. He says they only had one night together, and she is angry with him, replying that they were more than a one-night stand. In a rage, and with his beast face on, Vincent throws her down, and she crawls backwards away from him, terrified. He says he is sorry, and quickly leaves again.

In the last scene, Cat goes to Gabe's office at the police station. She tells him that he was right, and that Vincent is too dangerous. She has taken off her rose-colored glasses, and realized that all is not well with Vincent, and that maybe she needs a little bit of help after all.  

Beauty and the Beast airs Monday nights at 9pm on The CW.

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