'Beauty and the Beast' Recap: Those Stubborn Keller Boys
'Beauty and the Beast' Recap: Those Stubborn Keller Boys
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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In "Hothead," tonight's episode of Beauty and the Beast, Cat and Vincent are both supposed to steer clear of one another for a little while - but neither one succeeds.

Girl Time

Cat and Tess spend various parts of the episode attempting to relax and help Cat get her mind off of everything that's going on in her life; with Vincent, the secret the identity of her father, the works.

They go to a bar, for example, and play pool, only to have a guy try to hit on Cat (badly) and for her to tell him to back off. When he doesn't, things get ugly. She shoves him and starts attacking some of the other people in the bar trying to get in the middle of the situation, including a judge who has both Cat and Tess arrested. So much for a night on the town!

At another point, Tess tries to get Cat to relax at a spa. But she gets numerous phone calls from Gabe, and won't stop making comments about Vincent and other things the spa workers should not be hearing to Tess. So much for subtlety and secrecy, Cat.

The Newest Beast

Meanwhile, Vincent can't stop thinking about Cat either, and Reynolds tells him he needs to focus on his mission. His newest target is Edward Long, a man setting a series of fires around the city.

After watching a news report, Gabe figures out that the guy is a beast, and that beasts are fire resistant. When Cat and Tess are arrested by the judge that Cat punched, he gets them out and brings Cat into his office to explain his theory about the arsons. He wants her to ask Vincent to help them catch this other beast, but Cat will have none of it.

Gabe then goes to Vincent himself, and tries to convince him to catch, but not kill, the other beast. He wants to see if killing the other beast and bringing him back to life will "kill" the beast in the man, the way it worked for Gabe.

He entices Vincent with the claim that this is his best chance to get Cat back. But Vincent is determined to finish his mission and kill the guy, and won't go along with this plan.

The Other Keller

When Vincent tries to fight Long at the location of another fire he's setting, he is easily subdued, and has to be pulled from the burning building and brought to a hospital. There, Gabe and Cat, who was pulled from her spa session by one of Gabe's phone calls, talk to him, and warn that arson investigators from the FDNY will be there soon to question him.

Cat and Vincent have a chance to chat a little before the investigators come, while Gabe acts as lookout. Cat asks him if he wants to remember her, and he says he does, more than anything.

Vincent admits that he wants to finish his missions and not have to lie to Cat anymore. I'm sure the shippers love this, although I'm still concerned about some of Vincent's behavior towards Cat in previous episodes of Beauty and the Beast.

Questions, Questions, and More Questions

Anyway, when the investigators do show up, Gabe claims Vincent is Victor, that he is working undercover for the DA's office, and that he hit his head when he was in the building. This conveniently keeps Vincent from having to answer their questions.

The younger investigator wants answers, and it's soon revealed that he is actually Aaron Keller, the son of Vincent's brother William. Vincent has some sort of memory overload after they leave, and jumps out the window following his episode.

Vincent the Firefighter?

After Vincent's massive memory import, he calls Reynolds, who reassures him that he just has a few more experiments to take out before he is "free." He tells Vincent to steer clear of anything that will trigger more memories, so Vincent heads to his boat.

And who should so happen to be there but Cat, who is probably the last person Vincent should be seeing if he wants to avoid regaining more memories! She asks him what happened at the hospital, and he explains that he was remembering an incident from his time as a firefighter with his brother, William.

Cat tells Vincent that he never told her about being a firefighter, and he doubts whether these memories are even true. But she tells him they must be, if he feels that they are. Memories trigger emotion too, she claims, and emotion doesn't lie.

The Keller Boys

Vincent and Cat go to the fire department where Aaron is stationed. On the wall, photos of Vincent's brothers are displayed, and Aaron explains that he also lost an uncle in Afghanistan. Little does he know, his uncle is standing right in front of him!

Cat and Vincent talk to the investigators about the pattern they've found in the arsons and where they think the arsonist may strike next, when a call comes in about a fire at one of the locations.

Aaron rushes ahead of the rest, and at the scene, Vincent decides to go after him. He tells Cat not to worry, and kisses her before heading into the building. Inside, Aaron points a gun at Edward Long, who throws some sort of flash bomb at him to distract him.

Vincent shows up, and the two fight again. But Vincent turns his focus to finding Aaron, and flashes back to the same memory from earlier when he fought a fire with William. It was after that incident that his brothers encouraged him to finish medical school. There, he watched when the World Trade Center fell, his brothers inside.

When Vincent comes out of the memory, he thinks he hears, and then sees, William, and is led to Aaron. He carries his nephew out, but cannot tell him who he is before leaving.

The Plan Fails

After Long escaped Vincent, Cat catches up with the beast in the burning building and shoots him. But when Gabe tries to resuscitate him, it doesn't work. Later, he and Tess are watching a news report about the man's death, and Gabe is frustrated that they couldn't save him.

Why? Not because he particularly cared to save the other man, but because the plan didn't work, they are back at square one to "save" Vincent as well. Tess is convinced Gabe is doing all this because he likes Cat. I guess we will see what his true motives are as the season continues.

Memories and Memorials

Aaron shows up at the precinct and thanks Cat, and also asks if he can talk to her partner. Of course, that's not going to happen, and the two part after telling one another to take care. But is this the last we will see of Aaron Keller?

At the end of the episode. Vincent and Cat take a walk to the 9/11 Memorial. Vincent talks about how his brothers essentially saved him from their fate, and Cat suggests that he enlisted to pick up where they left off, in saving people for a living.

"You can't change the past," Cat says. Vincent has to remember, learn, and move forward. The implication, of course, is that that's what the two must do with their relationship as well.

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