'Beauty and the Beast' Recap: The Lies Have It
'Beauty and the Beast' Recap: The Lies Have It
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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In this episode of Beauty and the Beast, Cat attempts to hide her bruises, Vincent tries to hide his past, and Heather finally gets to stop hiding the truth about Cat's father from her sister.  

In the last episode of Beauty and the Beast, Vincent became frustrated with all of Cat's questions and threw her to the floor of her roof, injuring her. "Liar, Liar" opens on Cat attempting to cover up the bruises on her neck from this assault. 

The Lies Begin

When Heather shows up at Cat's, she notices the bruises despite Cat's efforts, and Cat claims that she slept on her neck funny, then got a massage that went too deep. Heather seems to believe it, and reveals the real reason she's there to talk: she's been offered a job at a PR firm. The catch? It's in Miami. 

Cat says they should meet later to go over the pros and cons. Just before Cat leaves, Heather jokes with her that she had better cover up her bruises, or people will think Cat has an abusive boyfriend.

I really hope Beauty and the Beast covers this topic well. A large demographic of viewers are young women, and sending the wrong message about domestic abuse would be a bad move on the part of the writers and producers.

Vincent's Remorse

Vincent shows up at JTs, and asks about Cat. He says he is sorry, and JT thinks he means he's sorry about not remembering their relationship. He tells Vincent a few highlights of the relationship, which proves important later in the episode. Vincent then tells JT that he hurt Cat and he feels terrible about it.

When Vincent leaves, he gets a call from Agent Tucker. And while they're on the phone, Tucker is attacked by an unknown man and killed. Who is this mysterious assailant?

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Cat's Plan 

Gabe and Cat talk about their next move, and Cat tries to justify Vincent's attack briefly. She tells Gabe she has a plan to sneak onto Vincent's boat and get information from his computer, with Tess and Gabe as back-up. She will act as if she's still pursuing him, she says. The problem is, he can tell when she's lying. 

Just then, Tess calls from the crime scene where Tucker died, and tells them it looks like another beast attack. Cat and Gabe go to the crime scene, and Reynolds is there as well. He hints that the FBI might take over the case. JT calls and tells Cat about Vincent's visit, giving him an alibi for the recent attack. 

Cat also comes up with a plan to lie to Vincent convincingly: Tess knows how to beat a polygraph, so Cat has her teach her how, involving inflicting pain by stepping on a tack in her shoe to speed up her heartbeat while she's telling the truth.

Sneaking Around

Reynolds tells Vincent to go to the crime scene, and when Vincent gets there, he gets a phone call from the murderer, taunting him from different parts of the parking garage. Meanwhile, Cat is sneaking around Vincent's boat, while Tess and Gabe watch security camera footage and talk with her on the phone.

Vincent shows up and Cat has to lie about why she's there, which she does convincingly. He asks her if they can start over, but says if they do, she can't ask him questions like she did before. She agrees, and he thanks her for giving him another chance. 

Again, I really hope this isn't the message Beauty and the Beast is attempting to tell young women who might be in similar, though of course not identical, situations.

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The Murderer Revealed

JT goes to Gabe's office and decodes some of the files swiped from Vincent's computer. The names they pull are art galleries in the area, and they make plans to go to investigate further. Elsewhere, Vincent gets a call from Reynolds, who tells him more about the man who killed Tucker. He's a British man named Sebastian.

Vincent then questions Reynolds about the list of names Tucker had connected to him, and whether it was a list of people he was expected to eliminate. He doesn't trust that he won't eventually be on such a list. 

Reynolds says Vincent has to trust him, which seems to be kind of a stretch considering he won't even use his real voice on the phone with Vincent. Reynolds suspects a security breach, but Vincent gives him no further information.

The Truth is Out

Cat and Heather meet to talk about the pros and cons of Heather taking the job, and during their conversation, the truth about the two not having the same father comes out. Cat is angry Heather kept the information from her, but Heather argues that there was never a good time. Heather says Cat is still her sister, but Cat angrily tells her to go to Miami and leaves.

Cat and Vincent meet up, and during their initial conversation, Cat is distracted and doesn't split her truth from her lies, and Vincent realizes he's been duped. He leaves, goes to his boat, and realizes thanks to her fingerprints that she was on his computer and that's how the list of names got out.

Vincent's Lie

Tess and Cat talk on the phone, and Cat tells Tess that their plan is busted. But Tess has good news: Tucker had parked near all the art galleries they looked up, and she believes Vincent was in fact after him. 

Speaking of, Cat gets a call on the other line, and it's Vincent. He claims to remember their time at the hotel pool, pulling from a story JT told him. Cat's excited, thinking Vincent has started remembering things, which is exactly what he wants her to think. But she quickly becomes skeptical when he asks to meet soon. 

She calls JT, and realizes that Vincent wanted her to think he was remembering but was really just reiterating what JT told him. She is convinced that Vincent is trying to distract her from what will really be going down that night.

Showdown at the Gallery

A line from the decoded information that the group thought meant a time, Friday at five, is actually the name of a painting being unveiled at an art gallery in the city. The artist did it in honor of his son, Sebastian. They guess that he is the other beast, and the group goes to the unveiling.

Vincent is there, and Cat interrogates him while they dance. Gabe watches them while he sends Tess off, and while Cat and Vincent talk, she realizes that he thinks she's trying to get revenge on him because he hurt her. Disgusted, she says she lied to others about what happened because she cares about him, and she walks off.

Sebastian starts taunting Vincent from across the room, knowing he can hear him, and he says he will make Cat disappear. Meanwhile, Tess finds Nigel Clifton, Sebastian's father, and learns that Sebastian was once into magic. What better trick than to reappear at the gallery when he's supposed to have died in combat?

Cat lies about an accident involving a painting in an elevator to take Nigel to safety. There, she reveals her badge, and just then the lights go out. Nearby, Sebastian attacks Vincent, who is quickly knocked out.

Cat tranquilizes Nigel, and Sebastian shows up to fight her next, knocking her dangerously close to the elevator shaft. Vincent wakes up just in time to knock the guy down the shaft and rescue Cat, and during his rescue, he starts to flash back to other times he has rescued her in the past.

Sisters Reunited

After the situation at the art gallery, Cat walks into her apartment, and Heather is there. She announces that she won't take the job, but Cat lets her know that she isn't angry with her anymore and apologizes for being hard to "pin down" the past few months.

They agree that they are still sisters, and agree to communicate better in the future, because lying just isn't worth it and changes everything. It looks like Heather will be taking the job after all! Does this mean the actress is leaving the show?

What is Gabe hiding?

At the precinct, Gabe and Tess talk and it's revealed that Sebastian's father didn't have any information, and still believes his son died a war hero. Tess asks for Gabe's hands to do the polygraph on him, but he won't do it, which she finds very suspicious, as she had been going to ask him if he has a crush on Cat. Is that a direction the writers might go in this season?

Cat Walks Away

Cat is in her room when Vincent comes to her window. He reveals that he's started remembering things, but Cat is obviously skeptical. She is convinced trying to have a relationship again won't work because there are too many secrets and so many things they can't talk about. 

Cat tells Vincent it's too late, and she can't live with anymore lies, especially because she claims they never used to lie to each other. She closes the window, and walks away.

Make sure to catch the next episode of Beauty and the Beast, airing every Monday night at 9pm on the CW. 

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