'Beauty and the Beast' Recap: A Blast from the Past
'Beauty and the Beast' Recap: A Blast from the Past
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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Although Cat is the one attending her high school reunion in this week's episode of Beauty and the Beast, she's not the only one greeted by familiar faces from the past.

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Another Day, Another Beast

Early on in the episode, Cat prepares to attend her 10-year high school reunion by hosting a girl's night with a few ladies she was friends with back in the day. The women reminisce, and the subject of Cat's love life in high school is brought up. Apparently, she was drawn to "dangerous guys" even then. 

Two of the women go to leave when one friend, Beth, realizes she left something behind and Cat goes to retrieve it from her room. She thinks Vincent is hiding behind her curtain, as he had creepily done so before the party, but it's actually another beast, who then attacks her. 

And that beast is Blair Redford! Also known as Ty Mendoza to Switched at Birth fans. When Beth comes in, the beast moves to run, and Cat grabs her gun to shoot at him. But he leaps out the window, five stories down, but not before Beth catches a glimpse of his glowing beastly eyes. 

The Truth Comes Out?

Tess, Gabe and Vincent of course all want to help Cat after this incident, and they've got another problem on their hands as well: Beth is a reporter for the National Metro News, and she is determined to get a story out of what she saw. 

Cat convinces her friend to wait to get all the facts, such as whatever information can be found thanks to some DNA at the scene, before breaking the story. Their secret is safe for yet another day.

Vincent goes after the other beast, but when he finds him, the man recognizes Vincent. His name is Zach, and he claims that he and Vincent served together and were friends. I can already see the Beauty and the Beast/Switched at Birth crossovers that could pop up on various fan-fiction outlets.

Vincent brings Zach back to JT's and Zach apologizes to Cat there. He explains that he knew someone was killing beasts, and that hurting her was just a way to reach his endgame of finding the beast hunter. He says he didn't know it was Vincent, and wouldn't have hurt her if he'd known who it was and what she meant to Vincent. 

But Cat wisely still doesn't trust the guy. She decides to run a background check on his DNA, just to see what comes up. I've questioned a lot of her choices this season, but this one I agree with.

Who is Gabriella?

JT, Zach and Vincent go play pool at a bar, where they discuss many things including the topic of a woman named Gabriella. Zach claims that she was Vincent's girl before he shipped out, after Zach had already left. Some of Vincent's memories of her are triggered, but not much. But still, progress? I guess?

Well, turns out this Gabriella woman is pretty important after all. Turns out, Zach's DNA does show up in a cold case, involving a Gabriella whose remains were found in "shreds" in 2005. Sounds like the work of a beast to me!

Agent Reynolds shows up at Gabe's office to ask about the incident with Cat, and Gabe brings up that he could possibly help with cutting through red tape in regards to finding Cat's birth father. Which, of course, is Agent Reynolds, so that should get interesting. He says he will go after Zach, and leaves. 

Meanwhile, Zach reveals that he was in a relationship with Gabriella before he left for Afghanistan, and he is pretty pissed that she and Vincent hooked up. Vincent swears he didn't know, but Zach attacks him anyway. Zach swears he will rip out Vincent's heart the way Zach's was, which probably doesn't bode well for Cat. 

The Reunion

Cat goes to her reunion after Tess convinces her she deserves to, and at first she has a good time. But elsewhere, JT and Vincent talk more about Gabriella, and JT says while Vincent once told him he didn't know about Zach and Gabriella's involvement, that won't matter to the new beastly Zach. 

Vincent decides to go after Zach to make him understand, and of course, that leads him to the reunion. There, Cat has her phone off to enjoy the night and misses any calls or texts about what's going on. So when Tess and Gabe show up, she's clueless.

Agent Reynolds calls Vincent and tells him about Zach's record, ordering Vincent to take the other beast out. Vincent is reluctant, having served and been friends with this guy that he thought was a good man before Muirfield got involved. But he goes to find Zach at the same church, and Zach again says he will make Vincent suffer before leaving and heading to -- you guessed it -- the reunion. 

Zach steals a mascot uniform from a guy Cat stood up for in high school, and walks right into the dance area in it. Him approaching Cat to attack her while in the uniform will probably haunt my nightmares, because I already have a weird phobia of people in head-to-toe costumes or mascot outfits, so thanks for that, Beauty and the Beast.

Zach and Vincent fight again, and this time when Zach goes after Cat as she lies injured on the floor, Vincent grabs him and snaps his neck, killing him. And that's the end of the newest beast in town.


Beth questions Tess and Gabe further about Zach and the entire incident, but they are keeping quiet. She leaves without more information for the story she wanted to reveal, but I wonder if we'll be seeing her at all in the future. Having a journalist hanging around might add an interesting element of caution to how the gang deals with Vincent and the beast secret as a whole.

Tess brings up Gabe's feelings for Cat yet again, and this time his answer is less denial, more schoolboy "Do you think she knows?" and Tess will only say that that's a maybe. She would almost definitely approve of him being with Cat over Vincent, whom she has proven to not be a fan of.

Cat and Vincent talk a little after everyone has left the reunion, and he tells her he's finally realizing how much she's sacrificed for him. He promises to make it up to her once his missions are complete, before leaving. We'll see if that turns out to be true soon, I'm sure.

Agent Reynolds, You are the Father

Gabe goes to Cat after Vincent leaves and reassures her, reminding her that she's been dealing with a lot. Including, of course, figuring out the identity of her father, and while they are talking, Cat shows him some old photos from her high school days.

In the background of a shot from her graduation, Agent Reynolds stands out. Cat has the sudden realization, thanks to some clues she put together earlier in the episode, that Reynolds is her biological father. The episode ends on this reveal, but I'm sure it's not the last we'll hear of it on Beauty and the Beast!

Beauty and the Beast airs Monday nights at 9pm on The CW.

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