'Beauty and the Beast' Exclusive Interview: Austin Basis on JT and Tess, Vincent's Predicament and More
'Beauty and the Beast' Exclusive Interview: Austin Basis on JT and Tess, Vincent's Predicament and More
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Beauty and the Beast fans have a lot to cheer about right now with the series returning on June 2 to close out Season 2. In even more exciting news, the show will return next year for Season 3. 

In the winter finale, everything was going well, until there was a knock at the door. Vincent and Catherine got back together, while JT and Tess began to pursue their own romance. With Vincent's arrest, that will all change.

Prior to the renewal news breaking, I spoke with Austin Basis (JT) on the phone about the final six episodes this season. He spilled on Tess and JT's evolving romance, Vincent's arrest, the Fab Four and the season finale. Read on for edited excerpt of our conversation.

JT and Tess finally moved their relationship forward. Will it be smooth sailing or will there be complications?

It's TV, so it's not as fun when it's smooth sailing. What's interesting is that JT and Tess are best friends with the respective beauty and the beast and their lives for the last two years have revolved around the troubles and problems of the beauty and the beast. JT and Tess are there to talk to and solve their problems and to rescue them. Now with this new found alliance, relationship, partnership that JT and Tess have outside of that I think the struggle will be two things. One, how do we find a life that is separate from Vincent and Catherine. Or time that is separate, which is a challenge on a show called Beauty and the Beast. They might spend time together but the audience might not see it because that's not what the show's about.

The other thing will be how will the Vincent and Catherine's story and their relationship pose a problem to them moving forward. And so because the relationship between JT and Tess is so new and both of their respective relationships with Vincent and Catherine.

Vincent and JT have known each other since they were kids, so we're talking about 25 years at least of friendship and with Tess and Catherine lets say 10 years that they've been on the force together. I think that it's hard when you get in a new relationship to invest more in that relationship than you do with that friend that you've known forever. Or the friend that you had all along that you know more intimately than this new "intimate" partner. 

That struggle and the struggle to not let Vincent and Catherine's problems get in the way of them pursuing a relationship is the main struggle for them. Not to take out any frustrations that that may inspire in each other. It's frustrating the ups and downs and ins and outs of Vincent and Catherine's safety, well-being and whereabouts. 

I know there's hope for them and they are both in a place where they are ready and they need this outlet outside of Vincent and Catherine and it happens to be with each other. Episode 220 features JT and Tess heavily in that episode.

JT made the formula to create beasts and Tori's dead, is JT haunted by what he did?

In that dire circumstance of life or death, would you take the death of other people over the life of your best friend and brother and basically if you ask JT that question the answer is yes. I would take Vincent alive and well over these other people dying. As long as it doesn't hurt any of the people he cares about unfortunately -- as harsh as it gets, but I think when he found out Sam was turning people into beasts he didn't realize that would happen and that hit him. 

That was a couple weeks ago. There was only so much serum that he made. There was a finite ending to what could have been accomplished with that serum, so that fact that he was able to come up with antidotes to the serum that he made was I think vindication to say, "I did this, but I was able to resolve it. I was able to stop these people from becoming beasts and save them." 

He wasn't able to do that with all of them, but he was able to do it with enough to make him feel -- it's like someone holding a gun to your head and saying do this and then that you're like if I didn't do it I'd be dead and these couple would be all right. It's a tough situation.   

With regards to JT's priorities, the fact that he was able to come up with an antidote for the couple of people who were injected makes him feel better and gives him a sense of peace that he's able to move forward. He's been through so much.  The guilt that he's had for the 10 years when he felt at fault for Vincent being a beast, I think the fact that he's able to save people now and be heroic in a way beside Vincent and that Vincent has saved so many people has given him a new lease on a guilt-free life.

And a life in which he's able to kind of venture out and start a relationship with people like Tess and maybe other friendships outside of Vincent. Not that anyone would ever see that, there's no limit to what he's able to do now that he's not carrying around this life altering guilt.

In the winter finale, it looked like it was going to end on a happy note until Vincent was arrested. How does that affect JT and their friends?

After Vincent's been taken away, Catherine tries to use her power to prevent them from taking [him]. She literally goes from the last scene out with Vincent to make sure they don't take him away. She recruits all the people around her.

Gabe's obvious culprit, but he's not the only one who could be pressing charges against Vincent. Let's just put it that way. The next episode follows the new Fab Four. Gabe, JT, Tess and Catherine come together and figure out how to come to Vincent's defense and get him out of jail or at least save him from murder charges. There's so much that happens in this episode that sends the show into a tailspin that forces every character within the story to really use everything in their capability to hold on for dear life and resolve the situation.

The next few episodes after that is really a scramble for all the characters to hold on to the relationships that they have and save the people who need saving. In this case, it's Vincent and so it's a real test of all the characters' will and investment in each other or lack there of in the next few episodes to see how it plays out. And if they save Vincent or not. Or what is the outcome of this circumstance. 

There is definitely a lot of throwback to season 1 when you're talking about this because this was almost the procedural element was replaced by element of Gabe  and Vincent and making sure he's alright. And, there's been episodes where Catherine's the one that needed saving. It's a whole new ballgame with all the new information that we have and the stories the characters have traveled and experienced. Characters that will come back from Season  1 and storylines that people have been wondering about the last few months. And I think the fans will find it very gratifying and cliffhanging and very intriguing and dynamic TV entertainment. 

Beauty and the Beast returns on Monday, June 2 at 9pm ET on the CW.

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