'Beauty and the Beast' Sneak Peek: Cat and Vincent are Reunited in an Unorthodox Way
'Beauty and the Beast' Sneak Peek: Cat and Vincent are Reunited in an Unorthodox Way
Carla Day
Carla Day
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After months of searching for Vincent, Catherine was finally reunited with him in the season premiere only he wasn't the man she fell in love with. Vincent was made into an "improved" soldier by Muirfield and he memory erased. Will he get his memory back? Or, will this new Vincent and Cat fall in love all over again?

In episode 2, "Kidnapped," Catherine is searching for Vincent all over again. He's out on his own and this time she's not the only one looking for him. She's in a race against Gabe and Tess  to find Vincent first. Otherwise, the love of her life may find himself locked up again.

"Kidnapped" Preview

Cat wants to spend some quality alone time with Vincent. She's convinced that she can help him remember his past and reverse the memory loss caused by Muirfield. Should Gabe allow her to take this risk? Or, should he protect Cat from herself?

Cat doesn't believe that Vincent would hurt her even though he's been reprogrammed to be an even more dangerous beast than before. Cat's father believes that Vincent's programming is intact. Cat and Gabe believe that the reprogramming may have turned Vincent into not only a soldier, but into an assassin.

"Kidnapped" Sneak Peek

Catherine turns to JT for help finding Vincent. She wants to find him before Gabe and Tess do. First, JT wants to celebrate the extermination of Muirfield. The victory lap lasts a moment and then it's all back to business.

Vincent is now classified as a "perp." Gabe wants to "hold and assess him." Cat is determined to find Vincent first so she can try to get his old memories back. She has a plan. Instead of "tapping into" the super soldier side of Vincent, she wants to ... go on a date with him to draw out his human side.

JT's response to her plan, "Totally."

What do you think? Will Cat's plan work?

From the title "Kidnapped" and the above photo, her idea of going on a date with Vincent to get his memory back doesn't appear to happen. Instead, she gets herself kidnapped by Vincent. She's given the opportunity to talk to him, will that be enough for them to find their spark again?

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