'Beauty and the Beast' Interview: Kristin Kreuk on Catherine's Obsession and New Direction for Season 2
'Beauty and the Beast' Interview: Kristin Kreuk on Catherine's Obsession and New Direction for Season 2
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Beauty and the Beast ended its first season with Vincent being captured by Muirfield, Gabe shot in the chest, and Catherine's real father being revealed. All three of those situations will be carried over and dealt with in the season 2 premiere. 

This summer, Kristin Kreuk spoke with reporters about what we can expect when the show returns and the new tone and direction for season 2.

Check out the full video interview and highlights.

Kristin Kreuk Interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • "Catherine has been kind of obsessed with [Vincent] and has sacrificed a lot in her life."
  • "They are going to be falling in love and also pulled apart by so many forces this year, including Catherine's real father."
  • Kreuk believes that the second season renewal was in a large part due to the fans. "I don't think we would be here without them, without their drive."
  • Catherine is messed up when the show returns. She's never dealt with anything in her life. She emotionally shuts down. Not eating. Hardly sleeping. Drinking coffee. Three months of this.
  • Heather hasn't told her the truth yet about her father, because Catherine hasn't been available.
  • "She's kinda a wreck without letting herself be a wreck."
  • Season 2 is going to be different than the first. There's a new showrunner. The season has been mapped out with various character arcs.
  • "I love where it's going. It's all about self-definition."
  • Tess and Joe have split up. Tess is watching Cat destroy herself and is trying to look out for her friend. Tess and Cat are close still, but it's different. Cat isn't paying attention to her.
  • "Gabe is alive after being shot 16 times in the chest."
  • Cat and Gabe will be at odds. He will be trying to prove himself and overcome the lack of trust they have in him.
  • Lena's the funniest on set. It's a light set and they like to laugh, play and have fun on set.
  • Kreuk enjoyed the gag reel and didn't find it embarrassing.
  • "All the beast things are going to be tied to true animal capacities."

Beauty and the Beast season 2 premieres on Monday, October 7 at 9 pm ET on the CW.

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