Will Battlestar Galactica Break the Emmy's SciFi Hex
Will Battlestar Galactica Break the Emmy's SciFi Hex
Since it debuted, the question that has plagued Battlestar Galactica is that with its extensive critical praise (“Best Show on Television” by more than one major news mag), its high profile achievements (winning a Peabody award), obvious social relevance, and seamless production values, why hasn’t Battlestar Galactica been nominated in a major Emmy category yet?

The fact that it appears on a small network and minute ratings in comparison to most shows in the top categories is irrelevant.  Previous nominations have gone to actors and shows that were canceled during the Emmy season.  Size definitely doesn’t matter.

Few film and television buffs that could deny that Edward James Olmos has done some of the best work of his career on the bridge of Battlestar Galactica.  From a creative arts standpoint, the visual effects of Battlestar Galactica are on par with most big screen space operas, and just as abundant.

As for the dramatic categories, Battlestar Galactica has proven itself worth repeatedly.  Galactica’s stories are a challenge to the modern social paradigm, shimmering bits of parable embedded in breathless dramatics and held together with finely woven suspense.  

The answer to the enigma is not Battlestar Galactica’s obvious worth of nomination, however, it is in the Emmy voters propensity to be dismissive towards anything that comes with ‘genre’ trappings.  Horror and SciFi have traditionally not fared well at the Emmys, which may contribute in part to their decline in the mainstream.  Until four years ago when a stealthy pseudo sci-fi show named “LOST” crept into the world of Drama and dominated the awards, the genre received little in the way of positive regard from the stuffed shirts that decide who deserves accolades.

Industry onlookers are equally interested to see how well “Heroes” will fair as an outwardly fantasy/sci-fi selection; waving its genre flag proudly down Hollywood boulevard.

The prime time Emmy award nominations will be announced July 19th.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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