Sci Fi Channel Renamed as "SyFy"
Sci Fi Channel Renamed as "SyFy"
It's not that late in the year for change, and Sci Fi Channel is definitely undergoing some major ones.  The NBC Universal-owned cable network has decided to rename itself, get a new tagline, and finish it off with a new logo.  Starting this June, Sci Fi Channel shall be known as SyFy.

To address several marketing goals that the network has put up long ago, the new name has become part of a wide rebranding campaign.  For the new programming season, it was thought that this course of action would distinguish the channel from other cable competitors.  The change to SyFy is accompanied by a new slogan as well – “Imagine Greater.”

“We love being sci-fi, and we're still embracing that,” network president Dave Howe announced last Friday.  “But we're more than just space and aliens and the future -- the three things most people think of when they think of ‘sci fi.'” 

The network has been striving to expand its image for years.  Another point that the executives have identified is that the term “Sci Fi” is generic and cannot simply be trademarked. 

Bonnie Hammer, president of NBC Universal Cable Entertainment and Universal Cable Productions added: “We couldn't own Sci Fi; it's a genre.  But we can own Syfy.”

“A new logo design would not solve that particular challenge,” Howe said.  “We needed a brand name that was own-able, portable and extendable." 

The old name was also “limiting” to them.  With that, the network developed its programs to encompass genres, adding shows like Destination Truth, Eureka, Ghost Hunters and the upcoming Warehouse 13.  Despite the deluge of fresh series, the channel remains loyal to its core audience with Stargate and Battlestar Galactica on hand.  What's more, Sci Fi Channel is gearing audiences for the premiere of the Battlestar prequel Caprica next year.

“What this does is hopefully give us the best of both worlds,” Howe continued.   "You keep the heritage, but also open up to a broader range of content.” 

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: Reuters, New York Times
(Image Courtesy of Sci Fi Channel )