BuddyTV Talks with Battlestar Galactica's Grace Park

No, not at all.  How much backlash was there for you over that?

I only had a little.  The fact that Starbuck took the brunt of it really gave me a nice, calm lake to go out on, to sail out on.  I really thank her a lot for that.  But I mean she also does have the role of Starbuck, which is very flashy and a lot of charisma in that character.  So she gets the benefits and also the disadvantages of that character.

Also very up in the air at this point.

Yeah, I know. Very up in the air.

Yeah, maelstrom has gone by.  Last time we saw her she was particles floating in a dust cloud as far as we know.

Yeah, she’s gone. 

What has been your favorite moment so far in Season 3?

I think one of my favorite moments was - I hated filming it but I really enjoyed watching it – when Boomer and Athena talk to each other for the first time. When she says that her baby is still alive.  I really liked that scene a lot.  I very much enjoyed, they seemed very different to me.  I’m like, “Ooo.”  There was no like, “Oh, we’re the same just with different outfits.”  It really felt very different.  I feel very satisfied watching that.  Everything is good. Boxing looks good; the effects look great, when they got back onto Galactica.  I love watching Tigh.  I feel like ringing in side to my gut whenever I see him, especially when he’s thinking about his wife or something like that.  It always gets me.

Were you worried about whether the series was going to be renewed?

Yeah, I was.  I thought we were on Sci-Fi.  I thought everything on Sci-Fi went 8-10 seasons! No, not us, we’re the one show where we never know if we’re going to go again.  We don’t even know how many episodes we’re going.

They put in an order for 13?

Yes, we have a 13 and I think, I mean I’m crossing my fingers that ideally we could work out 22 but we just have 13 right now.

Do they do that with every season; start out with a half season order?

No, no actually every season they’ve known just how many but this is the first season they’re trying to work something.  They just haven’t got it nailed down yet. 

Do you know much about Season 4 at this point?

No, I know nothing.  I know a vague structure, which might be a two-hour something or other between now and January next year and then maybe the rest of the episodes.  Which would only leave 11 then if we only did 13.  That’s all I know.  The keep us totally out of the loop. The other stuff is all hypothetical so I won’t even say what it was.  I don’t know what’s happening.

Having the inside scoop on the finale, would you agree with the buzz that it just leaves everything in a totally different place than where the season has been going so far?

Uh, yeah.  It really begs another season. It’s like the perfect ending or a perfect prequel to a really exciting season.  I think the end of the first season was such a jaw dropper when Sharon shot Adama but you kind of knew there was going to be some mayhem but not as much as Season 2 when it’s like a year.  That left so many doors open for flashbacks and what happened in between and trying to figure out what happened in that year when you see the new relationships.  And then this one is going to like, this one’s almost just like, “Oh my gosh!”  It’s like I don’t know if it’s going to leave you lost or stressed or excited but you’re just going to be dying for the next season.  I know I am! I want to see Season 4! I want to see a script!  I think everyone does, I think I’m going to have to call some people.

Since your character is a Cylon, does leave you open to make appearances in the spin-off series if that comes about, in Caprica?

I don’t think so because I think the humanoid versions came out during the 40-year armistice.  Basically there was a war and then there was this long gap of time and within that the Cylons got to a new level.  That’s why when it was revealed that Cylons look like humans it was such a shock. I don’t think so.  Unless I’m like lying in a bed somewhere, like prototype but I kind of doubt that.  My cameo role!

What about the direct to DVD movie?  Have you been approached about that at all?

Oh yeah that was a thing that I thought we were going to do but I heard that we’re not doing that anymore.  Unless you know something else that I don’t know, which is very much possible.  I didn’t even know the series Caprica was a spin-off until it came out in the press and then my manager called me. 

It’s funny because you read about these things and then they come and go.  Caprika was killed at one point and all of a sudden it was on and they were talking about it again. 

Yeah, Battlestar was killed too.  This is the second re-imagining.

Yeah, originally it was Bryan Singer.

Yeah exactly, and I think they were going to keep it more in line with the original.

In the beginning, did you know that Boomer was going to be a Cylon or was that something they came at you with in the 11th hour so to speak?

I accuse Ron Moore that he made that up and he insisted that it was in the original script.  And it was in the original script when I did see it.  And the reason why I didn’t see it the first time was because I was reading for Starbuck and the second thing is, I didn’t know the weight of “by your command.”  When I read that I thought she was actually the leader of the Cylons but I did realize that she was a Cylon.  I just skimmed over it so much because I was reading for Starbuck.  I read it but it didn’t move me to that point.  Once Ron saw my little conniving face he said, “You must be Cylon.”

(Interview Conducted by Jon Lachonis)