Battlestar Galactica: Series Finale "Daybreak, Part II" Recap (Page 8/8)
Battlestar Galactica: Series Finale "Daybreak, Part II" Recap (Page 8/8)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
150,000 Years Later.

It’s modern New York City, our New York City. A magazine talks about how archaeologist’s have discovered Mitochondrial Eve, the original mother to all of humanity. Ronald D. Moore makes a cameo as a guy reading the magazine.

Then we see Head Six and Head Baltar are there, talking about how this Eve is actually Hera, and the same thing has happened on Kobol, Caprica, the original Earth and now this Earth, and they wonder whether all this will happen again.

Head Six seems to think that God allows for the possibility of cycles to be broken. Then the two walk off into the streets as “All Along the Watchtower” plays and we see MSNBC newsreel clips of the various breakthroughs in robotics.

And that’s how Battlestar Galactica ends. I’m going to have to spend the weekend thinking about how I feel about this, but my immediate reaction is a strong desire to drink and forget everything that happened after Starbuck jumped the Galactica.

The first half was one of the best hours the show has ever produced, but I really have to think about that second part, because I don’t want to hate it like my gut is telling me to do.

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