D'Anna Biers
D'Anna Biers

Lucy Lawless as D'Anna Biers

D’Anna Biers, on the television series Battlestar Galactica, was played by Lucy Lawless. As a reporter for the Fleet News Service, D’Anna filmed a documentary about the military with the permission of Commander William Adama. She later found out about Sharon Valerii’s pregnancy, and was ordered by William to dispose of all the evidence that could threaten the security of the fleet. It was later revealed that D’Anna not only showed the recording to the Cylons, but also retained the compromising footage. D’Anna went against William’s orders because she herself was a Cylon otherwise known as Number Three.

Another incarnation of Number Three was tasked to help the reborn Cylons into the society. When two of her fellow Cylons, Number Six and Sharon Valerii (Number Eight), began to sympathize with the humans, Number Three was clearly disgusted and upset. She met her demise at the hands of Number Six, but was again resurrected later on.
The subsequent copy of Number Three found herself constantly falling victim to upsetting dreams. She consulted an oracle and was told that Hera, the child of Karl and Sharon “Athena” Agathon, was still alive. In addition, Number Three was also told that she would have a significant role in the child’s life and future. Number Three then told Athena about what the Oracle told her, but Athena, not believing Number Three’s claims, attacked her. Upon the humans escape from the planet, Number Three found Hera and subsequently placed her under the care of the Cylon community.

In the hopes of gaining enlightenment regarding her dreams, Number Three carried out a series of suicides, and just as she awoke into a new body, she saw five figures encompassed by a bright light. This new copy of Number Three became sexually involved with both Dr. Gaius Baltar and Number Six, but later on broke up with Number Six, believing their destinies to be different.

Because D’Anna and the other manifestations of Number Three went with Baltar to the Algae Planet despite the other humanoid Cylons collective decision not to, the rest of the community came to the conclusion that Number Three was deeply flawed, and ultimately, they decided to “box” all of the Number Three copies.

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