'Battlestar Galactica' Items to Be Auctioned Off to Fans
'Battlestar Galactica' Items to Be Auctioned Off to Fans
Have you ever wanted to own Admiral Adama's painting of the first Cylon war?  Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to slip into Starbuck's Viper uniform?  Battlestar Galactica fans with some money to burn will soon get a chance to bid on these and other items from the hit Sci Fi Channel series.  NBC Universal has finalized plans to sell BSG props, costumes and set pieces in a special auction that will be held in Pasadena, CA on the weekend of January 16.  Over 800 items will be auctioned off to the highest bidders, including full-scale Battlestar Galactica spaceships, and Number Six's signature red dress.

While most fans likely can't afford their own Cylon Raider, there will be 200 smaller, less expensive items sold exclusively through eBay beginning on Monday, January 19.  Buying Crashdown's notepad may not be as cool as owning the Arrow of Apollo, but it's definitely a lot cheaper.  Those who want to bid on the pricier items can also participate in the California auction online through BattlestarProps.com, so there's no need to buy a plane ticket.  Some proceeds from the auctions will be donated to the United Way charity.

Here's a list of some of the items that will be up for purchase:

•  Cally's deckhand helmet
•  Athena's flight suit
•  Baltar's robes
•  War Room chalkboard
•  Admiral Adama's uniform
•  Colonel Tigh's eye patch and liquor bottle
•  President Laura Roslin's desk
•  Full-scale versions of the Viper, the Blackbird and the Cylon Raider

The auction launches on the same day Battlestar Galactica returns to wrap up its final season on the Sci Fi Channel.  The series finale is set to air on March 20.  If you have enough money to spend, you could watch BSG's big conclusion while wearing Tigh's eye patch and sitting at Roslin's desk.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of the Sci Fi Channel)

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