Battlestar Galactica: Promo for Final Episodes Now Online
Battlestar Galactica: Promo for Final Episodes Now Online
After a seemingly endless wait, the final episodes of Battlestar Galactica are almost here.  The Sci Fi Channel series signed off in June with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger that found the Galactica crew arriving on an irradiated, desolated Earth.  Fans have spent months speculating what will happen next, and we'll finally find out beginning Friday, January 16 at 10pm.  That's when BSG returns with the first of its final 10 episodes, which will hopefully answer all of our questions and leave us wanting more.

With Battlestar Galactica's return less than two months away, the Sci Fi Channel has unveiled an exciting new promo for the upcoming episodes.  This is the kind of clip you'll want to slow down and watch frame by frame to ensure you don't miss any important details.

The promo starts with numerous clips from the first half of season 4, which may be helpful since it's been nearly six months since we've seen our favorite characters in action.  In a voiceover, Starbuck reminds us that "human beings can't turn off their pain.  Human beings have to suffer and endure, because they have no choice."  That's when the new clips kick in, and things get really interesting.

Here are a few things you'll see in the promo: Chief admitting he remembers something from Earth; Starbuck kissing Apollo; Roslin asking Adama if he's a Cylon; Tom Zarek stirring up political trouble; Gaeta facing off with Zarek; Tigh wielding double guns; and Roslin kissing Adama.  There's more excitement where that came from, so check out the promo below or head to for a higher resolution version.

The long wait for Battlestar Galactica's return is nearly over.  Based on this promo, I have a feeling the series is going to surprise us all in its final episodes.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of the Sci Fi Channel)

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