Battlestar Galactica: Episode 4.3 "The Ties that Bind" Recap
Battlestar Galactica: Episode 4.3 "The Ties that Bind" Recap
Previously on Battlestar Galactica:  Starbuck was unable to convince Roslin that she knows the way to Earth, but Adama trusted her enough to give her a ship and send her on her way.  Meanwhile, Baltar saw another Baltar and ended up sleeping with Tory, who was supposed to be on a mission to find out about the final Cylon.  On the Basestar, Number Six (Tricia Helfer) handed some Cylon Centurions the gift of reason to get back at Cavil for lobotomizing the Raiders.

On tonight's episode, Cally finds out about Chief Tyrol's secret, while Brother Cavil wakes up feeling gooey and extremely ticked off.

The episode kicks off with the Cylon drama.  Brother Cavil has been resurrected, and though he wants to go back to his ship, he'd rather make out with Boomer (Grace Park) instead.  That's not an image I needed to have in my brain, but there it is.  On Galactica, Cally is fed up with taking care of Nicholas on her own while Tyrol is off brooding over his toaster status.

Tyrol (Aaron Douglas) may say that he's busy working, but in actuality he's downing too much of the green stuff in Joe's Bar.  Though he's looking scruffy and tired, Tory starts flirting with him anyway.  She's turning into a regular Number Six with all of the men she's trying to seduce lately.  Cally walks in and sees the flirtation, which immediately causes her to vomit all over the floor.

In an extremely sweet scene, Adama (Edward James Olmos) shows up in sickbay to read to Roslin while she endures her cancer treatment.  I love those two.  Later, Lee speaks to the press about his new position in the quorum.  The first thing the press seizes upon is whether Roslin has any hard feelings over Lee's speech in the Baltar (James Callis) trial, but the president insists that she's over it.  The reporters have also heard rumors about Starbuck taking off with a ship, but Adama has no comment.

I'm surprised that Adama let Roslin in on the info about Kara's mission.  The president is pissed at the idea of covering for Starbuck, but she'll continue to do so.  Kara (Katee Sackhoff) is currently on her 22nd day aboard the Demetrius, studying star maps and still trying to find a way to Earth.  Gaeta, Sam, Helo (Tahmoh Penikett) and Boomer are with her, as are a few red shirts.  The crew is already tired of flying around with no sense of direction, but Kara refuses to elaborate on her whims.

Back in Cally and Tyrol's den of marital despair, Cally is convinced that her husband is having an affair.  He tries to deny it, but she doesn't seem to believe him.  On the Basestar, the Cylon Centurions are playing Lady Macbeth and scrubbing the blood from the crime scene.  Cavil shows up and tells Six and Boomer that he's now willing to listen.  The ladies demand that he stop lobotomizing the Raiders, and they also insist that he unbox D'Anna.  He's not fond of that idea, but he'll do it.  It's about time we got some more Lucy Lawless.

Tom Zarek (Richard Hatch) stops by to chat with Lee, warning him that Roslin will sideline him for defending Baltar in the trial.  Zarek is also worried that the president is becoming too secretive and controlling.  He hands over a classified document, telling Lee to take a look at it if he wants to know just how dangerous the president could be.

Doc Cottle wants Cally to bring Tyrol in for an evaluation, but Cally is concerned that she may be the crazy one.  She did decide to marry Tyrol after he broke her jaw, after all.  That's love, I guess.  Cottle tells her to get some sleep, hoping it'll clear her mind.

On the Demetrius, Captain Kara is attempting to paint what she remembers of Earth's location, but Sam wants to talk about love and marriage.  Starbuck does her usual thing, telling Sam that she only married him because it was the safe and easy thing to do.  She continues to insult him and push him around, which naturally leads to wild sex.  The characters on this show have some really screwed up relationship problems, don't they? Afterwards, Kara mentions that she feels as though she's no longer in tune with her own body.  It feels like she's watching her life instead of living it.

Brother Cavil is working on unboxing Number Three, but he claims that the nearest resurrection ship is a couple of star systems away.  He asks Six and Boomer to follow him there so they can have a big family reunion with D'Anna's model.  They agree to go along, though I have a feeling that's a very bad idea.

The media is starting to figure out that Roslin (Mary McDonnell) is hiding something about the Demetrius. She doesn't want to talk about it, which causes Lee to step in with that classified document from earlier. The document involves changes that Roslin is attempting to implement that would give her great control over judges and the legal system.  The president claims that the order is a work in progress, and that it was going to go to the quorum for debate when it was all finished.  She's noticeably peeved by Lee's (Jamie Bamber) decision to bring it to the table.

To no one's surprise, Cavil set a trap for Boomer and Six.  They head to the location to find the resurrection ship, but instead of finding Lucy Lawless, they get blown to smithereens.  On Cavil's ship, Boomer is worried by the notion of Cylons eliminating one another, but Cavil insists that, as machines, they don't have souls.  He'll do what he has to do.

On the Galactica, Cally finds a note meant for Tyrol, telling him to go to a nearby weapons locker.  Cally follows him and finds that a meeting is taking place between the three Cylons.  Tigh (Michael Hogan) is telling the Chief that he needs to do whatever it takes to make sure Cally doesn't discover he's a toaster.  As you'd expect, Cally freaks out and flees as quickly as possible.

What would you do if you found out your husband was a Cylon?  Cally flashes back to more innocent times in previous seasons, then decides to whack Chief in the face with a wrench.  She knocks him out cold, grabs Nicholas, and attempts to go jump out the nearest airlock.  Tory interrupts her and tries to explain that none of them knew they were Cylons until they entered the nebula.  Tory has a calm, soothing way about her that really freaks me out.  It turns out that my suspicions are justified, because Tory grabs Nicholas, punches Cally in the face, and sends her right out the airlock.  Oh.  My.  Gods.  Cally is dead, and her knowledge about the Cylons is gone with her.

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- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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