Battlestar Galactica Avoids Technology With New RPG
Battlestar Galactica Avoids Technology With New RPG
Just like their fictional technophobic colonial counterparts, creators of the new Battlestar Galactica RPG are avoiding any kind of networked technological component, which could obviously lead to Cylon infestation. If you want to play the new Battlestar Galactica game, you'll need good old fashioned pencil and paper.
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Arstechnica has the lowdown on the latest RPG from imminent game-writer and sci-fi/fantasy author Margaret Weiss (The Serenity game, and the Dragonlance Chronicles.) The piece marvels at the cry out to the golden age of RPG's where it was all dice, character sheets, and dungeon masters. Quoting the press release for the game:
Like the show, the role playing game book is set in space and will focus on the challenges of survival in exceedingly trying times -- and the difficult choices that must be made. The core product, the Battlestar Galactica Role Playing Game, is a self-contained game product using the same game system as the best-selling and award-winning Serenity Role Playing Game (also produced by Margaret Weis Productions). The game book will be a full-color hardcover book featuring still images from the series as well as original artwork. It will provide rules for play, character creation, and information about the ship and crew of Galactica as well as the other main characters from the show. A Quickstart Guide will be released in early 2007 with the core product premiering in the spring. Additional products will closely follow the release of the core product. The entire line will be supported by an interactive website.
The game will debut sometime in mid 2007.

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