Hey, 'Bachelor' Fans: We're All Going to Watch 'Burning Love,' Right?
Hey, 'Bachelor' Fans: We're All Going to Watch 'Burning Love,' Right?
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Some of us (me) mock The Bachelor by obsessively following, posting and mocking every news bit and episode. That's one (great, heroic, unmissable, Pulitzer-worthy, some might say) way to go.

And some of us, like Ben Stiller, Ken Marino, Kristen Bell, and Michael Ian Black (whoever THEY are), mock The Bachelor by parodying it in a hilarious scripted web series about a fireman who wants to find the right woman to set his heart on fire, or slide down his pole, or whatever other fire-fighting metaphor you want to use, as I bet there will be a lot of them. Burning Love is that web series, and if these previews are any indication, it is going to be glorious.

And it premieres on the Yahoo! Comedy Channel this Monday, June 4! That's very soon! Here are the previews, plus a few more good reasons to watch, for good measure:

Everything -- the music, the cheesy quotes, the far-off shots of sad women walking barefoot in the grass, the sparkly gowns and overwhelming, unabashed desperation -- is so spot-on. Even the characters' online bios, with gems like "Best Quality: Personality/Looks/Bank Account" (Titi, the Rich One), "Favorite Book: The Davinci Code" (Haley, the Slut), and "Dislikes: Sadness, Disease, Artichokes" (Annie, the Perfect One), strike an eerie, wonderful resemblance to the asinine descriptions that ABC gives for their actual Bachelor contestants. In an homage to Ben Flajnik's Bachelor season, there's an old lady, and in an homage to pretty much every Bachelor season, there's a woman with a terrible gimmick that she refuses to let go -- in this case, wearing a panda suit. These writers are clearly Bachelor aficionados with just the right balance of appreciation and disgust for the genre. My heart is swelling with respect right now.

Case in point: the Bachelor character himself, "Mark Orlando," whom Ken Marino has said he modeled after The Bachelor's most recent pinnacles of dashing dumbness, Brad Womack and Jake Pavelka (the latter of whom, never one to turn down an offer, will actually make a cameo on Burning Love). With turn-ons like "confidence, exoticism and polo shirts," and turn-offs like "fear, lies and questions," Mark hits the Bachelor Venn Diagram right at its sweet spot: that perfect combination of prince charming, frat brother and village idiot.

Joining him is Michael Ian Black, doing his best Chris Harrison impersonation as the requisite half-armchair-therapist, half-wallpaper host Bill Tundle. Brilliant.

Later down the line of Mark's love-journey, Burning Love also promises to give us "a front row seat to the champagne toasts, candles, heartbreak, bubble baths, chocolate, choreography, hair extensions, roller skating, betrayal, spray-tans, and rainbows in the most romantic, comedic web series ever made." I CANNOT WAIT.

Watch Burning Love when it premieres online Monday, June 4. It is sure to be the perfect appetizer for your forays into the "real" thing, since that also happens to be the day the next Bachelorette episode airs. Did you hear they're going sailing and cliff-jumping in Bermuda? I hope there are bubble baths and rainbows, too.

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