'Bachelor Pad' Host Chris Harrison: 'I Get Why Jaclyn Was Pissed'
'Bachelor Pad' Host Chris Harrison: 'I Get Why Jaclyn Was Pissed'
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Chris Harrison, the host of Bachelor Pad has had a front-row seat to all the craziness going on in the mansion.

With the season finale on Monday, which he said in previews to be 'disturbing,' Chris joined the media in a conference call Thursday to discuss Monday's finale, including a fallout between Rachel and Michael, and plans for the next Bachelor.

On what he can reveal about the 'disturbing' season finale:

While all finales have been dramatic, Chris said his word choice of 'disturbing' was to highlight how different the finale this year will be.

On Nick's emergence and surge to the finale:

Chris dispelled the notion that Nick was edited down so that he emerged as a surprise in the end to catch viewers off guard. "He really didn't do anything," he said with a laugh.

"He ate protein shakes and eggs and I think he did a lot of pushups. And that was about it." He floated through, Chris said, and stayed under the radar. He didn't win challenges or have an alliance and that may have been his strategy all along.

On his thoughts on Jaclyn's reaction after Rachel did not take her:

"I get why Jaclyn was pissed," Chris said because they're best friends. "Add on top of that the pressure and the moment ... It's hard to explain unless you're there how much emotion and how much tension is in the air."

Chris also said he feels bad for Rachel because she really fought to keep Jaclyn. He doesn't know what got to her, whether Nick's arguments wore her down or whether she was emotionally spent.

"For a long time, they were at an impasse," Chris said of Nick and Rachel on their decision on who to take to the finale. "Nick kept fighting and fighting and fighting, and this is where you have to give a huge nod to Nick -- the best decision for him was to go with his buddy Chris and Sarah."

On seeing the fallout between Rachel and Michael at the finale:

"Rachel definitely fell for Michael, and he did not in return. And she feels a little used and a little played and a little violated, and maybe rightfully so."

But Chris said she stays strong voicing her thoughts on how he played her and that her feelings were real. And Michael may come out of this "catching a little heat" for what he did.

On seeing Chris B. as a 'player,' after seeing him on The Bachelorette:

Chris Harrison said will be touched on in the finale, and he'll have to own up to it. Chris Harrison said Chris B.'s family was disappointed in him as were his friends. "It really was atrocious," Chris Harrison said about the behavior. "I hope he's learned from it."

On the next Bachelor:

The plans for the next man to find his bride is still "not 100 percent," Chris said, while there's a narrowed pool of finalists. "We're very close, as we have to be because production starts fairly soon. I would say the decision should be imminent -- any day now. Where we'll announce it and how, I'm not sure."

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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