'Bachelor Pad's Ed Swiderski: 'Expect A Big Blowout' with Reid
'Bachelor Pad's Ed Swiderski: 'Expect A Big Blowout' with Reid
Ed Swiderski doesn't take reality television seriously, and if you do, he thinks you're weird. But several times on this season of the Bachelor Pad, he's reminded that if he doesn't take it a bit more seriously, he'll be sent packing.

That was especially true this week, when we saw him sweating bullets after Reid Rosenthal went behind Ed's to send him home. It seems Reid is still holding a grudge that Ed won when they were both on Jillian's season of The Bachelorette.

In a conference call with the media today, Ed touched on where he and Reid stand moving forward on and off the show, his thoughts on this season's playboy-villain Chris Bukowski, and whether he finds romance in the house:

On whether he was really worried about going home, and how that affected him:

"Every bone in my body thought I was going home, without a doubt."

He further elaborated by saying he was shocked people he trusted hurt him, and at one point while packing his bags, had second thoughts about remaining in the game. With that scare behind him, expect sort of a different man.

"This week coming up is the turning point. I go from me there to having fun to realizing that, 'Wow I could go pretty far -- I could actually win money.' This is when I start to take it seriously."

On what to expect with Reid on the show next week:

"I would expect a big blowout," Ed said, but wouldn't share too much more, other than the fact that people in the house were telling him they wanted to get rid of Reid for what he did.

On Reid's resentment toward him:

Ed was "definitely surprised" Reid brought baggage from their time together on The Bachelorette back in 2009, especially considering the two had remained friends. "While I definitely respect him for playing the game, I think he had a hard time playing it and made some bad moves early on."

But Ed assures that since the show, the two have talked and whatever happened is "water under the bridge."

On his friendship with Chris:

Ed considers himself and Chris Bukowski to be the closest pair in the house, even more than any of the girls -- and even though the two will butt heads in the future. "He's a very alpha male type personality, and I'm kind of middle-of-the-road guy."

Ed says, believe it or not, that Chris is in a difficult position when it comes to he and Blakeley. They weren't a good fit and were probably better off being with other players.

"Right now he's looking like a jerk, but he's definitely there for the money," says Ed about his buddy.

On love in the house:

He said Kalon and Lindzi, which was a "total surprise," had a solid relationship, but warned that it might alienate them. As for Michael and Rachel, Ed said people were surprised at that pairing because they're so different. He said beyond that, everyone was in teams and partnerships.

"We weren't letting romance get in the way of what our goal was," he said of him and Jaclyn.

And does Ed find love? It doesn't sound like it -- in fact, he admitted there's someone he has feelings for back home, even though he's single on the show.

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

(Image courtesy of ABC)