'Bachelor Pad' Videos: Nasty Truths Come Out, No Tongue for Gwen
'Bachelor Pad' Videos: Nasty Truths Come Out, No Tongue for Gwen
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Next week on Bachelor Pad, things will get even uglier between the remaining 13 contestants when they each fill out a survey asking them to name the dumbest, meanest and other-bad-things-est people in the house. (Check out photos from next week's episode: Bachelor Pad Episode 4: A Brutal Quiz, Bruised Egos.)

Here's a sneak peek of the contestants as they struggle to name names (surprise, surprise, Tenley cries) and then guess who the majority picked for each category. Plus, watch a deleted scene after last week's Kissing Contest and see what Gia and Jonathan had to say after their eliminations from the Bachelor Pad.

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Sneak Peek: Who's the dumbest? Who's the sexiest? And who's the most likely to freak out when they find out what everyone else in the Bachelor Pad really thinks of them? We'll find out all of the above when the results of this cruel survey come out next week.

Deleted Scene: The women debrief after the Kissing Contest, and Gwen discovers that the other girls got a little more mouth action than she did. Could this be related to Jesse B.'s comment at the beginning of the season that he thought of the slightly older Gwen as a "mom" type?

Diaries of the Departed: Gia and Jonathan reflect on their eliminations, and both blame everyone else for making the stupid decisions that sent them home. Oh, and Gia raves about Wes some more.

After next week's competition, four women will be sent home. Who do you think will survive the dreaded survey? And how does this competition stand up on the Bachelor Pad Disgust-o-Meter against the Kissing Contest and the Pie Eating Contest?

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